That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


6. V

Seyeo laughed mockingly at him as she went closer and sat down at the edge of his bed. Sehun followed her actions very closely, as he never knew what she would do and he was very aware of what she was capable of. Seyeo glanced up and down at his body before smirking.

“Wow, little brother. I never thought you’d turn out like this,” said she and crossed her legs. ”All handsome, cold as ice and rocking that ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck-look. Very impressive, I must say,” Sehun sighed without a sound and looked into his soup. He didn’t want to meet her eyes. The fear he had towards his sister was ridicules according to Sehun but he couldn’t help it. All the memories came all flowing back and he pressed his eyes together wishing inwardly that she’d just disappear somehow. But this was reality and not a fairytale so that would probably not happen, at all.

Seyeo moved closer and Sehun raised his head in fear. He quickly regretted his move as he was his sister move her hand up from her lap and closer to his forehead, where she placed her soft hand before removing them again.

“Well, you’re not sick, I can tell you that! So will you oh so kindly explain to me why you didn’t have a remotely interest in meeting Luhan oppa? I know you don’t like me and it’s the same way around, but we both know we have to keep up the ‘I-love-you’-act up in front of umma and appa,” She raised an eyebrow but Sehun looked away and kept silent. As she realized Sehun didn’t have any desire to answer and just brushed her off completely, the only thing she did was to huff.

“Oh, we’re all grown up now, huh? Wow, I really didn’t see that one coming, Sehun, I can tell you that,” she admitted and snorted at him. Sehun rolled his eyes and sighed annoyed. He didn’t really have any energy left for Seyeo at that point and all he wanted to finish his soup and watch movies all night, just to keep his thoughts of Luhan away for a bit. Since Baekhyun got caught and he didn’t even got the chance to really tell what actually went on at home, his mind was all over the place and he feared that being in the presence of Seyeo and knowing how she was, he was afraid he’d blurt out everything and she’d have another thing she could torment him with. 

“Oh please, both of us know why you came home. Let me guess: You husband caught you with another guy in your home and he threw you out? Am I right? And now you’re just using Luhan as a rebound so you can feel a bit better after all this. Seyeo, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t understand anything that’s going on here and its mean using him like that. You might be able to sugarcoat it all in front of umma and appa, but not me. I know you like that guy and it’s not fair to use him. He’s obviously not aware what’s going on,” Sehun growled at his sister and with those words spoken, he could see that Seyeo was surprised. Sehun knew that she didn’t see Sehun for once telling her his opinion coming and Sehun could see she froze and had no idea how to react.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door and both of them broke the eye contact and looked towards the door where a shape of a person was standing. Because of the darkness in the room and the sudden light from the hallway Sehun couldn’t distinguish the person’s identity.

“Hi, I was told to bring up these cookies to Oh Sehun’s room. Is this his room,” a somehow familiar voice said but Sehun couldn’t point out whose voice it was. He knew it wasn’t one of the maids as they all were female except his butler Xiumin. He was an exception because his mom and his mom were longtime friends and he needed a job. Xiumin’s mom therefore asked her friend who was Sehun’s mom and bom, he got the job.

Seyeo nodded not caring who the ‘maid’ was. “Way to go, little brother, making the maid get you cookies when you’re not even sick,” Seyeo snorted before disappearing and shut to door, making It impossible to figure out who the stranger was.  Sehun exhaled relieved and waved the stranger towards him. As the stranger came forwards the light from the little lamp from his nightstand lit up the strangers face. Sehun froze and honestly didn’t know what to do.


Luhan smiled fondly at him and sat down the plate of cookies down next to the little lamp. Sehun fumbled around with his fingers and looked down into the soup. Luhan giggled at his reaction before removing the soup and placed the plate of cookies where the hot soup had been a few moments before. “Not even going to greet your hyung, are we?” teased Luhan as he tried to lighten up the awkward atmosphere.  Sehun’s eyes moved quickly from his hands up into Luhan glooming eyes. A little smile found his way onto Sehun’s lips but because of the atmosphere still was a bit awkward, he bit his lower lip.

Luhan shook his head as he sat down on the bed next to Sehun. Sehun smiled awkwardly at the sudden closeness between the two and ruffled his hair. Luhan rolled his eyes at Sehun’s awkward actions. They were alone in the room and Sehun felt like his head was about to explode. Did Luhan hear what Seyeo said about him not being sick after all? Sehun wondered how he’d react.

“Would you stop being so awkward? It’s killing me over here,” complained Luhan as nudged Sehuns side playfully. “And why did you not want to greet me down there before? Did I do anything?” asked Luhan worried and raised an eyebrow. Sehun looked his lost eyes at me before shook his head.

“Ah, no.. I just didn’t expect you being here, in my house, with my sister, in my living room and on top of that, apparently going to live here for a while,” admitted Sehun and looked into his hands again. He heard Luhan giggled and for a second he felt his stomach turn in a weird way. What was this? And why does he think that Luhan’s laugh was pure music in his ears?

“Well, I didn’t expect to meet you here as well, so I guess we’re on the same page,” said Luhan and Sehun nodded.  The two kept quit for some time, before Luhan decided to move closer to Sehun and closed the space between the two. He threw his arms around Sehun and dug his head into the area where Sehun’s neck and chest were. “You know.. I went that next day to meet you and you weren’t there. I tried to knock on your house but there weren’t anyone home. Sehun, did you know how worried I was? Don’t ever do that again, you hear me?” Sehun nodded without thinking and hesitantly wrapped his arms around Luhan. Sehun exhaled deeply and hid every bad thought away and just let him enjoy the hug, the closeness with his long lost hyung. He felt Luhan smile as he tightened his arm around his body

“I missed you, you know?” mumbled Luhan into Sehun’s neck and Sehun felt the adrenalin pump around his veins. Sehun smiled widely as he knew that Luhan couldn’t see him. “You just left and I didn’t even get your phone number or anything,”

“I know.. I’m sorry, hyung,” said Sehun and sighed.

“It’s okay, I think fate did us a good job and brought us back together” Luhan chuckled and beamed at Sehun.

Sehun nodded. If this wasn’t fate then he didn’t know what it was. Meeting his hyung from freaking CHINA back in Korea was one in a million king of thing and he was very grateful for that.

“Yeah, but hyung? I’m actually very disappointed in you,” stated Sehun and pouted. Luhan broke he hug and looked almost scared into Sehun’s eyes. Sehun chuckled at the Chinese’s fast swap of emotion. “You didn’t even notice I called you hyung and was being informal,” complained Sehun and pursed his lips and faked a crying face.

Luhan froze for a bit before laughing out loud. “Oh, I’m sorry. You want a cookie for that?” said Luhan and make a face. Sehun smiled and nodded eagerly. Luhan shook his head smiling and without Sehun noticing, grabbed Luhan a cookie and mushed the cookie into Sehun’s mouth. Sehun immediately laughed and began to chew the cookie he had just received from Luhan. Luhan huffed teasingly at Sehun as he chewed the cookie with a big smile all covered with small pieces of chocolate and baked cookie dough.

“You look ridicules,” stated Luhan and a smile appeared on the older’s face.

“I know, but you love me anyways,” said Sehun without noticing he used the ‘love’ word. Sehun didn’t get time to blush before Luhan nodded. “Yeah, that’s not something new, Sehun” said Luhan as he ruffled Sehun’s hair.  Sehun chuckled at his comment and tried his best to calm his heart which went mad over that comment. Luckily noticed Luhan nothing and threw his arms around Sehuns body and snuggled into his chest as before.

The smile on Sehun’s face be washed off as if you tried twice a day for 100 years. Sehun was in heaven and no one could ruin his happiness. Not even Seyeo.

Not long after Luhan left, Sehun was in one hell of a mood. The smile on his face wouldn’t budge off even though he tried and his heart felt a little strange. He opened his eyes slowly, allowing the sunlight bash through his eyelid and straight into his eyes. He hissed as it obviously hurt and dug his eyes into the pillow again. After some time yawned and groaned, as he finally realized that today was a school day. His mind had been completely impossible to tame since Luhan appeared last night. So he got up and got ready, while trying to push the thoughts away so he could at least go on have a good day without the thought of Luhan pestering his mind every 5 minute.

About 10 minutes later he was ready to go and went downstairs as always. When he got down into the kitchen he saw his mom sit down at the table with Seyeo on her left and an out zoned Luhan on her right. Luhan was probably jetlagged since the time difference between South Korea and China was pretty huge. Luhan was hanging his head down and his eyes was almost closed, if it wasn’t for Luhans useless’ attempts of keeping himself awake.  Sehun chuckled inwardly before grabbing an apple from the fruit basket and continued across the floor to sit down in front of his mom, not even giving his sister a single look.

As his mom noticed Sehun’s presence at the dinner table she smiled fondly at him before grabbing a glass and poured some ice water into it. She slowly pushed it towards it while she greeted him good morning. “Good morning, sweety. Have you had a good night sleep?” she asked and Sehun did nothing but nod. When Sehun’s name was spoken shot Luhan’s head up and looked around. Luhan had dark shadows under his eyes and his eyes seemed lifeless. Sehun seemed enjoyed when Luhan’s eyes hurried around to locate Sehun’s whereabouts. When Luhan finally noticed that Sehun had been right in front of him all the time and had seen everything he blushed a bit before turning down his head again.

As Sehun tried to hide his smile he looked at the clock, so did his mom. His mom turned sweetly to him, “Sehun-ah, your driver is probably here by now, so get your school things and get going,” Sehun nodded and as he was about to leave the kitchen where they had been sitting he head Seyeo shout, “Have a good day, little kid!” Sehun rolled his eyes at her. “You too,” he paused, “Noona”. He cringed. He hated that he had to keep up the ‘I-love-you’ act up while being near his parents, especially his mom. She was sensitive and the smallest thing could make her cry. A happy laugh rung through the house and that laugh was his mothers. She seemed happy about the two being ‘close’ again after so much fighting back and forward all these years. “Finally!” he heard his mom exclaim. Sehun shook his head as he got himself ready.

After a 10 minute ride with Jongdae filled his Sehun’s very own troll jokes and teasing he was finally at school. He met with his friends and got to class. After a painful 1 and a half hour of Korean history he gathered down at the usual table. Tao, Kai, Suho sat on the one side of the bench and Sehun and Baekhyun on the other.

“Guys, I think I’ll might faint soon if our teacher won’t stop giving us so much homework! The job at the bubble tea shop INCLUDING all this homework, I think I’ll be dead before the end of this month,” Tao sulked before grabbing an eggroll with his chopsticks.

“That wouldn’t so good, would it? I guess Kris would be very sad, if his one true love died just because of your gigantic load of homework,” teased Kai. Tao shrieked before he hid his obviously red face into Suho’s shoulder. Suho laughed at the embarrassed Chinese before he ruffled his hair.

Tao removed himself from Suho and pouted. The group laughed at Tao, even the stone face Sehun even chuckled a little. “Guys, it’s not even fun. I’m in pain here and you just make fun of it. What did I do in my past life to deserve these kinds of friends? You guys are mean,” groaned Tao and began to comfort eat his lunchbox and from time to time nicking some food from the others boxes of food.

“Tao, why can’t you just admit, that you like Sehun’s friend? It’s not like we’re homophobic? We even have another gay in our group from what I can tell,” explained Suho with a fond smile on his lips. Everyone raised their eyebrows at Suho, giving him the signal that he should explain a little further. Suho rolled his eyes at the group before pointing at Baekhyun. Baekhyun froze.

“Isn’t it obvious that our little Baekhyun is gay? He even liked Chanyeol a while ago and went over heels for him. If that isn’t a sign of being gay, I don’t know,” he said and took a sip of water from his water bottle.

“Is that true?” asked a very interested Tao Baekhyun. “Did you really fancy Chanyeol?” His eyes were big and didn’t even budge away from Baekhyun. “Uhh,” was the only thing Baekhyun he could answer. Suho laughed a little at Baekhyun’s awkwardness. The rest joined in and Baekhyun dug himself into Sehun’s chest. Sehun smirked at his little best friends before laying a comforting arm around Baekhyun’s waist.

“Guys, I think it would be the best if you’d stop pestering my little best friend here,” Sehun said and looked down at Baekhyun with a smile playing on his lips. “He’s dying of embarrassment and I can’t live without this little piece of bacon if I should remain sane in this kind of company,” Suho, Kai and Tao began to laugh.

“Bacon? Did you just call him bacon? Ahh! Why didn’t I think of that.. Sehun, that was a good one, a very good one,” exclaimed Kai while laughing. Baekhyun removed himself from Sehun and slapped Sehun’s shoulder. Sehun cried out in pain and looked with a pair of very confused eyes at his piece of bacon.

“Yah! What was that for?!” shouted Sehun as he caressed the place he was hit by Baekhyun with his hand. Baekhyun hissed at Sehun and lifted his hand to flick him one, but Sehun dodged away.

Baekhyun sat back into his seat and growled at Sehun. “You called me a piece of bacon!” shrieked Baekhyun before he crossed his arms across his chest. Baekhyun glared at him, which made the rest of the group laugh hysterically.

“So when Chanyeol calls you bacon it’s all gloom and awesomeness but when I do it, you hit me and all hell breaks loose?” Sehun raised an eyebrow at Baekhyun.

“Where are you going with this?” asked a growling Baekhyun who began to feel a little anxious and Sehun knew the reason why. Baekhyun had liked Chanyeol a long time ago an Baekhyun got over him again, but lately the tall latter had begun to talk to Baekhyun and the little guy had no chance but fall for him yet again. The problem was just that Baekhyun didn’t know if Chanyeol was gay nor if he even was interested, plus Chanyeol was in the social group where he was the jock of the school.  And Jocks and nerds don’t belong together, was the mantra Baekhyun had told him every day for almost a month. Little did it do to stop these feelings he had.

“Oh you know where I’m going with this, Baekie. You like him, but you won’t ad-“Sehun suddenly stopped and froze looking in the over Baekhyun’s head. Baekhyun made big eyes and along with the Tao, Suho and Kai they turned their heads slowly.

“Speaking of the devil..” muttered Tao completely frozen. Chanyeol was now standing in front of the group of 5 and he seemed to feel very awkward. Well, Sehun would too if he came by a table and everyone immediately stopped talking and just stared at him like he was mad or something.

“Oh hey guys, I wondered if could steal Baekhyun away from you? We need to talk about our chemistry project and I need a little help to finish up my part of the presentation” Chanyeol awkwardly scratched the back of his head shifting his eyes between the 5.

“You need Baekhyun to help you finish up?” Kai of cause, what else could you expect, misunderstood what Chanyeol had just said and bursted out laughing. Chanyeol and Baekhyun blushed hard and Sehun had a hard time keeping his laughing down. He knew that if he laughed Baekhyun wouldn’t talk to him again and he couldn’t risk that.

“Jongin! Would you mind keeping us out of your wicked mindset and keep those thoughts to yourself?” Suho sighed at his friend before looking up into Chanyeol’s eyes. “Just take him and do please ignore my friend’s little comment. I hope you’ll do well at the chemistry project. Hwaiting!,” he smiled cheerfully at Chanyeol. Chanyeol smiled and muttered a low thanks, before glancing at Baekhyun. Baekhyun understood that this was his cue to go and stood up to follow Chanyeol. Right before to two walked away turned Baekhyun around and with a low voice and a finger pointing straight towards Sehun, he muttered “We’re so not done with this!”

After the two was out of sight Sehun, Tao and Kai couldn’t hold it in anymore and let out their laugh. Suho shook his head at them but didn’t say anything. In the middle of the groups laughing fit the clock rang and quickly they stopped laughing. They said a quick ‘bye and see you later’ before they hurried to class. As Sehun was about to go into the classroom he was Chanyeol standing next to Baekhyun at his locker both smiling and seemed to have a good time. Sehun sighed before entered class and sat down where he always sat. Baekhyun joined him a little later with a smile that wouldn’t budge off anytime soon.

Sehun dug down and began to think. Oh he wished that Sehun to have the same thing with Luhan as Baekhyun had with Chanyeol. The rest of the class his mind was filled with Luhan’s red face from the morning. “Wow, could it be my fault he blushed like that this morning?” he suddenly muttered lowly.

“What?” whispered Baekhyun from his side. Sehun brushed it off, but the question was still hanging in the air.

Could it really be his fault? 



I hope you liked this chapter since it took me like 3-4 hours to write.. And this time it's pretty long so be very thankful for that.. I couldn't shorten it down since there is so many details I wanted included, so yeah.. Enjoy this freakinsly long chapter, people! >.<

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