That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


10. IX

Oh fuck, this is not good, thought Sehun when he came to his senses after a long night sleep and noticed which wonderful creature was lying all tucked into his embrace. The sun shined through the curtains hanging in front of the window lighting up the room, making it obvious that yes indeed Luhan was on top of Sehun sleeping safe and sound. One of Luhan’s hands was gripping firmly on the garment of Sehun’s shirt as if his life depended on it and Sehun couldn’t keep himself from stealing glances of the older blonde. He’s beautiful, thought Sehun.  In the dim lit room was Sehun almost convinced he had found himself an angel lying upon him but no, it was Luhan and he looked so darn cute. No fucking way he’s human, thought Sehun before mentally slapped himself.

Sehun exhaled slowly trying fiercely to calm his nerves but it was like his body was a person of its own. Well, that was what Sehun kept telling himself as he looked down on the sleeping Chinese. It felt amazing, Sehun agreed on that, having his arms around Luhan and feeling Luhan this close to him, but Sehun feared what would happen when Luhan decided to wake up. How would he react to waking up being all snuggled into Sehun’s chest? Sehun’s bewildered mind had already played through numerous scenarios and ironically they all ended very badly. That obviously did not calm Sehun’s heart, at all.

In the middle of Sehun’s meltdown moved Luhan closer to Sehun and deeper into Sehun’s embrace. Sehun froze. Sehun was in a state of a mix of shock and utterly delight. What was happening to him? Luhan fumbled calmly his fingers into the fabric he was already holding on to and a small smile found its way onto the sleeping Luhan’s lips. Sehun felt his cheeks warm and dumped his head defeated onto his pillow. I need to get away from his, thought Sehun anxiously, this is so not good.

Sehun pushed gently Luhan off him and sneaked off the bed, not daring to look back. Sehun placed his hands on his hips and exhaled relieved. Luhan crunched his nose and groaned annoyed back in the bed as if he was missing something or something wasn’t right. Sehun shrugged and decided to go downstairs. Luhan could probably do just fine without waking up with Sehun on his side. 

Sehun was in no time downstairs going towards the kitchen and was met by Xiumin cooking something at the stove. It smelled amazing and walked curiously over the stove to check out what he was making. Xiumin looked fairly surprised when he found a tired Sehun standing right next to him. “Good morning, Sehun,” greeted Xiumin informally much to Sehun’s annoyance and smiled fondly to his younger master.

Sehun didn’t care to respond the kindness but when straight to the point. “I have two very important questions. One; what are you making? And two, most importantly, are you making some for me?” Xiumin chuckled at the straightforwardness of Sehun’s question and moved the spoon around the substance in the pot.

“Maybe, if you can behave I might let you have some of it,” said Xiumin in a teasing tone which irritated Sehun. Sehun felt his stomach ache in hunger which made him wince.  “Who are you to tell me what I can or cannot do? I’m the master in this house, not you. One complain and you’re out. That’s how it works,” snorted Sehun and crossed his arms across his chest.

“You said the same thing yesterday and you’re still not right. Remember my mom’s friends with your mom? Yeah, I’m safe. I don’t need to worry about the possibility of losing my job,” shot Xiumin back and smirked at Sehun before grabbing a small box of spice from the drawer next to the stove and adding it into the pot.

Sehun scoffed. “What kind of butler are you, if you don’t follow orders? Ptch, I don’t even understand you were hired in the first place,” Before Xiumin could say anything, waved Sehun it away and sighed. “I know, I know – your mom’s friends with mine, I get,” Xiumin smiled and was obviously entertained by Sehun’s snapping.

Sehun sat down at the bar chairs surrounding the kitchen island and kept silent while watching Xiumin continue cooking. “Do you know when my parents are coming home? I thought it was only dinner and then straight home?” asked Sehun curiously and Xiumin nodded.

“Well, Seyeo did call to say she was coming home a little early but she never came. I guess it got late and then they stayed a night at one of the nearby hotels,” shrugged Xiumin.

 “Weren’t they having dinner in Seoul? It couldn’t have taken such a long time driving home instead of staying the night,” wondered Sehun and pursed his lips.

Xiumin laughed. “You really don’t follow up on your family? They clearly said that they were going to Busan, not Seoul. Make sense now?” Sehun made big eyes before nodding. Weird, thought Sehun, I really don’t follow up on what my family are doing.

With his back to the entrance of the kitchen he didn’t see Luhan coming down the stairs and almost choked on his glass of water when hearing Luhan’s cheering greeting. “Good morning!” greeted Luhan in a way to happy voice considering it was still morning.  Sehun coughed terribly and his face turned red. Xiumin raised an eyebrow at Sehun but kept his eyes on the food. In desperation began Sehun to hit himself on his chest in the believe that it would help somehow and Luhan hurried worriedly towards him. “Are you alright? Omg, are you okay? Please be okay!” asked Luhan with big eyes stuck on the struggling Sehun and nuzzled his back and pounding it. 

When Sehun finally could breathe, he sighed and collapsed onto the surface of the kitchen island completely exhausted. Sehun heard Xiumin laugh at him but ignored it. “Calm down, Sehun. Get up and eat your breakfast,” ordered Xiumin and pushed a plate of soup across the island. “You too,” said Xiumin and sent another plate across the island to Luhan. He then began to clean up not caring to comment on Sehun’s near death experience.

Sehun moved back up all with an all red face and a pouting mouth. Luhan sat down next to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder to help calm him down. Little did he know that it had the complete different effect but Sehun had no intention of telling Luhan that; He just planned on enjoying the comforting touch. Luhan sighed relieved before laughing. “Oh lord, you almost scared me there!” Sehun glanced up at a smiling Luhan and he felt his heart fluttered. Luhan exhaled and hugged him sideways. Before Sehun could feel the pleasure of Luhan’s arms around him, moved Luhan away.

“Let’s eat!” declared Luhan and Sehun did nothing but nod. The two ate in silence without many words exchanged and when the two were done eating, they went to the living room where they sat down in the couch and turned on the TV. Much to Sehun’s big surprise decided Luhan to lie down on Sehun’s laps and stared at the TV as if it was nothing. Sehun gulped.

After a few minutes felt Sehun a stare from beneath and bent his head down meeting Luhan’s eyes. He had his arms crossed and he was lying on his back. Sehun raised both eyebrows indicating the question ‘What’s wrong?’

Luhan pouted. “Why did you leave me this morning? I was lying perfectly good when you decided to leave me,” complained Luhan. Sehun gaped. Was he awake, thought Sehun and was about to say something before Luhan added “It was cold without you there! Don’t do that again,” Luhan looks so cute right now, thought Sehun unconsciously before cursing at himself for having such thoughts.

“I didn’t know you were awake and I- I needed to pee,” lied Sehun.

Luhan pursed his lips not falling for Sehun’s small lie. “Don’t lie to me, Sehunnie. I know there’s another reason; Tell me,” demanded Luhan but Sehun simply stared down at Luhan. “And that handsome face of yours won’t help you here!”

Handsome face?  Sehun immediately looked away and coughed awkwardly, trying to hide his blushing cheeks. His efforts to hide his red cheeks seemed wasteful when Luhan suddenly bursted out laughing. He didn’t see this sudden confession coming. How in the world could he be handsome?

“Aww, you’re blushing because I called you handsome?” asked Luhan excitedly. Sehun frowned and drew his lips in a line, keeping his smile down. “No,” mumbled Sehun and Sehun’s sudden awkwardness surprised Luhan. “Oh, so me complementing you make you nervous? Ahh~ you’re so cute,” said Luhan, making Sehun more uncomfortable. Am I not cute, asked Sehun himself, and what is this boy doing to me?

Luhan then removed his head from Sehun’s laps and instead of only having his head there, sat Luhan directly on his laps and being way too much into Sehun’s personal sphere. Sehun looked down onto his laps and sighed. What the fuck was he supposed to do know?

Sehun gulped. “What are you doing, Lu- I mean hyung?” asked Sehun innocently. “You’re th-thitting on me,” added Sehun fast, before wincing. Did I just lisp again, asked Sehun inwardly. 

Luhan seemed not to care of the position they now where in and pinched Sehun’s cheeks, earning an annoyed sigh from Sehun. “What? This” clearly talking the current position “is normal. Get used to it, I love skinship and you’re the only one in this house who’ll let me do it,” sulked Luhan.

Sehun raised an eyebrow, apparently feeling a bit more normal and not so nervous. “Who said I’d let you do it with me?” mumbled Sehun and bit his lip. “Well, I haven’t heard you complaining yet so I guess you like it,” teased Luhan and left Sehun speechless which made Luhan giggle. “See? Your numbness is saying you like it but you’re too scared to admit it,”

Sehun ptch’ed. “I said nothing, how can you be so sure about I like it? ” asked Sehun finally turning into his old self.

Luhan smiled widely and licked his lips, clearly knowing what it did to Sehun. “Oh, I have my sources” declared Luhan.

Sehun then rolled his eyes and chuckled. “People usually say the exact same thing when they just assume things. Admit it, you have no proof,” smirked Sehun and clicked his tongue.

Luhan frowned. “I’m starting to regret I made you not use formal speech around me. I didn’t know you would turn into a sassy diva,” bullied Luhan and flicked Sehun’s forehead.

“Me, a sassy diva? If you met Baekhyun, you’d change your mind on that. He’s more a sassy diva than me. Damn, he might even be the sassiest diva the world has ever seen,” Sehun chuckled and thought back to the day Baekhyun and Kris first met. Those two ended up in a fight over who’d get most space of the mirror during gym class years ago. Baekhyun out sassed Kris and ended up getting the entire mirror space much to Kris’ irritation. Kris had since brought his own little hand mirror so he could style his hair without having to deal with the small diva.

Luhan shrugged. “I don’t know this Baekhyun, but I can’t imagine him being more the diva than you right now,” Luhan poked Sehun’s cheek and pursed. “Back to the point; I know you like, you know why?” asked Luhan and Sehun shook his head.

Luhan laughed. “Because you kissed me last night, enough proof lisp boy?” Luhan winked at Sehun who had found himself completely numb, dead of emotions and mind gone absolutely blank. Luhan exhaled deeply with a smirk on his lips and moved closer to Sehun, placing one leg on each side. Sehun made eyes and gulped but remained silent.

Luhan then pressed his forehead against Sehun’s and slipped both arms around Sehun’s neck, making Sehun dropping the TV remote in the progress. Sehun felt his cheeks heating up as Luhan caught his eyes then moving his eyes to Sehun’s half open mouth. Keeping one arm around Sehun’s neck retreated Luhan one of his arms and moved it to Sehun’s face, cupping his cheek. With a free thumb caressed Luhan Sehun’s cheek, making Sehun’s heart flutter like mad. Sehun almost as if his movements were on autopilot, moved both arms around Luhan’s waist and pressed Luhan towards his body. Why he did it was a mystery to Sehun but it seemed like his body had a brain of its own and Sehun decided just to go with it.

 Luhan smiled. “I knew you liked it,” Sehun unconsciously make a agreeing sound and bit his lip. Sehun gulped as he realized what he had just done: He had just admitted he liked Luhan’s skinship. Luhan giggled and rested his head on Sehun’s shoulder, snuggling into his neck and placed a small kiss on Sehun’s pale neck. Goose bumps found their way on Sehun’s skin and excitement ran through his veins. This feeling was new to him, these actions were not familiar to him and the 24 hours with Luhan had really changed something between the two, especially Sehun.

It was only yesterday that Baekhyun and he had shared a hug, probably one of the first both of them had shared during their more than a decade long friendship and now he’s all tangled up in Luhan and their faces only a few centimeters away from each other. Sehun couldn’t imagine do the same with Baekhyun, but with Luhan it just felt.. Right. It felt as right as something could possibly be and Sehun knew that this certainly wasn’t something he’d want go living without. Those touches, those lips – everything felt magical and now that Luhan was this close, even in the same house, he’d decided not to let him go again, as he had unintentionally done back at Jeju Island.

“OH SEHUN, WHAT ARE FUCK YOU DOING?!” shouted a familiar voice from across the room and Sehun’s terrified eyes met a pair of brown eyes.

Luhan and Sehun shared a look before both of them stared in utterly astonishment at the person standing only a few meter away from the two. Sehun looked directly into the person’s huge eyes and raised both eyebrows.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were in Amerika”  



Auther here with another chapter! I had a big urge to write fluff yesterday so I wrote the whole chapter, but because I was in a rush I couldn't read it through, edit it and post it.. But here it is! :b

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