That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


5. IV

Sehun waved goodbye at the boys and walked towards Jongdae who smiled fondly as he opened the door for Sehun to step into the car. Sehun sat into the car and Jongdae went up front and turned on the engine and Sehun felt the car going forward. Sehun laid back and looked out of the window.

“Have you had a good first day at school?” asked Jongdae from up front and looked at Sehun through the rear mirror. Sehun huffed at Jongdae’s attempt of creating a conversation.

“Was that the best you could make up? Pff, I’m disappointed,” he said and rolled his eyes at Jongdae who answered him with a sigh. While shaking his head Sehun heard the beeping from Jongdae’s phone and Sehun assumed he had a call incoming. Jongdae excused himself and pressed on the green button on his phone. He had some sort of electronic device in his ear that made him allowed to drive and talk to someone on the phone at the same time, so Jongdae began to chat with whoever called him.

Sehun sighed and turned his attention towards the road and the trees that they passed in a high speed. Sehun began to think what sight Luhan might be looking at right now. Would he be thinking of Sehun as Sehun was thinking of Luhan as well? Would Luhan miss Sehun as Sehun missed Luhan? Sehun sighed.

He clenched his teeth and hung his head towards his lap. These thoughts about Luhan made Sehun crazy, more than Sehun had ever felt about anyone. Yet how can meeting a person and be with them for only 3 days make anyone miss a person this much? The thought was intriguing yet made Sehun puzzled. How could that be possible? All of sudden Sehun’s thoughts were interrupted by Jongdae’s stuttering voice.

“U-Uh, master Sehun?” Jongdae sounded nervous. What could he be nervous about?

“Yeah?” Sehun lifted his head and met Jongdae’s eyes through the rear mirror. Sehun heard Jongdae’s clear his throat and exhale deeply. Sehun raised an eyebrow.

“Your dad just called me and told that Miss Seyeo will be awaiting your company when you get home and I was told to ignore every attempt from your side to do anything to delay your return to the house,” Sehun gaped at Jongdae and groaned loudly. Seyeo was coming home? Are you kidding me?! 

“I’m very sorry, master Sehun, but I’ll be have to do as told – you dad is my boss and I wouldn’t like getting fired,” Jongdae tried comforting and getting away from getting told off by Sehun. Sehun rarely got angry since he never saw the use of getting mad and loose every sense of common sense over nothing, but when Sehun got angry or mad you’d want to run away. Not because he’d go crazy or break something but the look in his eyes would make even grown men get goose bumps and fear their life. Just to gather all facts of Sehuns rage: Just don’t piss him if you want to keep your healthy mind.

Sehun took a deep breath to calm his body. The adrenalin was flowing madly around his veins and he had a big urge just to hit anyone or glare his dreadfully at someone just to see their reaction. Sehun’s jaw clenched as he exhaled and tried to think of stuff to calm him down. He usually would groan loudly to get some frustration out and then call the maids to prepare some bubble tea for him. That wouldn’t exactly be possible since he was stuck in a car with Jongdae and no maids to be around him.

“I’m very sorry, master Sehun,” Jongdae apologized and bit his bit worriedly.

“Shut up, troll,” snapped Sehun and then silence.

No one said anything; Jongdae didn’t dare say anything and Sehun mind was going crazy over the fact that Seyeo was coming come. He was so used to be alone at home and be the one in charge of his life, well as much as he could. But the return of Seyeo would mess everything up; she’d get to control his life as she always did and he’d get miserable again. He had just got up again and felt okay for some time after Seyeo’s maniac outburst of rage when his parents denied their disapproval of her behavior towards Sehun she went mad and called outrageous stuff that’d make normal people go directly into a deep depression, but not Sehun. He was used to that and because of the wall he had set up around him to ignore these horrible stuff said to him.

Jongdae coughed fake and Sehun glared at Jongdae who had opened the door. Sehun realized he now was home and growled at Jongdae who sunk nervously. Sehun got up and went directly to the house and usual maids who always met him with compliments and nice smiled was lined up in the hall with their heads towards the floor.

As he walked through the main door his heartbeat raced, but he did his best to hide his nervousness. He slipped out of his daily shoes and into the inside footwear. He hung up his jacket and went straight up the stairs to his room and luckily didn’t he get stopped by either his parents or Seyeo who apparently was back home. Oddly enough he hadn’t heard nor seen her when he entered the house but he didn’t care; As long as he could be able to he would ignore her presence and not even give a single look.

Sehun threw the back down to the floor and changed into his home clothes with consisted of a sweater, thick knitted socks and saggy pants. He didn’t mind he looked like a dork in those clothes, he didn’t mind anything at that time and all he wanted was to feel just a bit comfortable.

A knock on the door made Sehun turn his eyes to the door that slowly was opening. Sehun’s heart almost stopped and his body froze immediately. A head popped up and Sehun groaned. Seyeo.

She knocked open the door and ran with the biggest smile towards Sehun who was quite annoyed by her presence. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. Sehun made big eyes at his noona who all of sudden was affectionate and actually touched him. Sehun saw his parents appear in the doorway with big smiled and his mom had tears running down her cheeks. His dad was holding her and whispering soothing words in her ear to make her stop crying.

“Aah, I’ve missed you so much!” she squealed happily and pinched his cheeks. She broke the hug but kept her arms on his shoulders. She examined his face and giggled. “So handsome ~” she said with amazed eyes.

Sehun honsestly didn’t know what to do with himself; Seyeo was hugging him, being affectionate towards him and actually complimenting him. This was basically the opposite of everything he had thought the reunion would be like. In his head Seyeo would stomp into his room and start yelling at him and maybe hit him with a chair or something. Had his noona changed this much by getting dumped by her husband?

His mom cooed behind them and smiled with wet cheeks. His dad chuckled at Sehuns reaction.

“Aww, have you really missed me that much you freeze?” Seyeo bickered and caressed his cheek. Sehun blinked at Seyeo and stuttered a bit.


“I knew it! Ah, Sehunnie, you wouldn’t imagine how much I’ve missed you.. And actually there’s something I need to tell you about or someone,” she said. Sehun still didn’t talk but nodded slightly.

The four went downstairs and sat down in the couch, but on the way down he saw a suitcase near the main door which made Sehun raise an eyebrow. Sehun’s parents sat down in one of the couches and Seyeo and Sehun sat in the couch on the other side.

“I might as well show you before I tell you everything.. Oppa, you can come in now!” shouted Seyeo and a way to familiar face apperead which made Sehun speechless. The exact same face, the exact blonde hair, the exact brown eyes he’d oh so often had thought about, was now standing right in front of him.

Seyeo smiled widely and placed a kiss on his cheek which made Sehuns stomach feel weird, but not a good weird – it was more like a hurt weird or not very pleasant weird. Luhan looked rapidly between the two and didn’t know what to say.

“Everyone please treat him well, this is my best friend Luhan from China and without him I’d not be here,” she said and laid her head on his shoulder smiling. Sehun honestly didn’t know what to do.

His mom gaped and frowned at the two.

“Seyeon-ah! He’s not your new husband, is he? I told you! No husband if you wanted to go home,” his mom hissed at Seyeo and glared at Luhan who didn’t know what to do nor say.

“Ani, umma! He’s just my friend, aresso?” she said with red cheeks and Sehun knew she was lying her head off but apparently her parents didn’t notice that but instead nodded and smiled.

His parents went up to the two and began talking and left Sehun alone on the couch. He knew Luhan had looked at him while speaking to them but didn’t do anything to look back at him. Sehun’s head and thoughts was all over the place and when he noticed to four people was walking towards the kitchen leaving him in the living room, he stood up and walked directly towards his room.

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself to Luhan? It’s not very nice of you to just ignore someone who’s going to stay here for some time,” he heard his dad shout as he was halfway up the stairs.

“I’m not feeling very well, please just tell him about me so I can go up and sleep,” he said and sighed inwardly. That wasn’t the best excuse but he knew it almost always worked.

“Oh sweety, I’ll send a maid up with some soup later, aresso? Just go up and sleep do you can get better!” his mom yelled and Sehun smiled satisfied.

“Neh!” shouted Sehun back and went straight to his room. As he finally was inside and had locked to door he exhaled deeply and made big eyes as he thought about what that had just happened.


“Oh fuck,” whispered Sehun as he ducked his head into his pillow while laying down his bed. What in the world should Sehun do? Luhan freaking Luhan was right downstairs and what he could see did Luhan recognize Sehun and the other way around. If Luhan didn’t recognize him he’d probably just look causally at him, maybe not even giving him another look but that was not the case. Luhan had looked about twice at him making big eyes and other stuff, so Sehun was pretty sure he recognized him.

The urge to shout, scream or just tell anyone about his problems was making his stomach crumple in an unpleasant way. He knew that shouting and screaming would defiantly make a scene and his parent’s would be quite worried about him if he did so. And which ill person would go scream and shout? It would ruin his cover and there’s a good chance Luhan would be really freaked too.

He couldn’t let that happen.

So Sehun did what every other teenager would do; He dialed up his best friend for help.

“Hello?” Sehun smiled at Baekhyun’s voice and exhaled relieved.

“Sorry to bother you but I really need your help with something,” said Sehun into the phone almost whispering so his parent’s plus Luhan and Seyeo would notice something was off.

“Seriously? We parted about an hour ago or something. What big thing could happen in your life this quick that would make you call me right when I’m studying? This better be big, Sehun-ah!”

Sehun smiled a little and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’d only call you if it was important,” assured Sehun.

“Alright, but be quick, okay?  If my parent’s finds out I’m not studying and instead talking to you, I’ll be like a French toast tomorrow,” he joked and kept a low voice just like Sehun. Sehun chuckled.

 “And let’s not get into the fact that you’re actually calling me and being the antisocial bastard as always,” Sehun groaned into the phone and then he heard Baekhyun laugh a little but under the circumstances he killed the laugh quickly. Sehun knew he wasn’t the most social person on the planet but he wasn’t all antisocial. He hung out occasionally with his friends, went to the movies and so on, but he didn’t hang out with someone almost everyone as he knew the social beasts Tao, Baekhyun and Kai would.

“Yah! Are you going to help me or not?” Sehun hissed at the phone and he immediately heard the older laugh at him. Baekhyun’s laugh was loud and high pitched.

“Yeah, yeah. Calm down, have I ever denied my precious advice and help to you, huh?”


“Then stop being worried and tell me what’s going on,” Sehun snorted at Baekhyun’s comment but he knew he had to get to it, before he’d get caught by his parents.

“Sorry,” muttered Sehun before he paused a little.

“Okay, you know that I went to Jeju, right? I kind of met thi-“ Sehun cut off by a way to excited Baekhyun.

“HOLD UP! Let me guess; you met a girl, fell in love and don’t know what to do with your life, because you two didn’t exchange information and number, right? Spot on, right? Sehun, that’s not something special! I thought it’d be something like “Seyeo’s home and I might’ve killed her in her sleep – help me to hide the body” blah, blah, blah. Yah, I’m disappointed,” he yelled.

Sehun laughed.

“If only that was true,” he said while chuckling at Baekhyun’s wonderful comment. “This is why we’re friends,” he added.

“Yah, you wish – I’m only using you because your parents are loaded and your mom always spoils me whenever I’m at your house,” he heard Baekhyun snorted and Sehun couldn’t do anything but laugh.

“Pch yeah right. Without me you’d be stuck with Kai and Tao in school: Tao the crazy wushu panda and Kai the schools player. I wonder how long it’d take those two to disown ever knowing you, when they get to really know you like I do. You’re not a cute and innocent as everyone think, Baek. That little pretty face and big mouth of yours won’t help you against the bullies, I will because everyone apparently thinks I’m dangerous,”

“You dangerous? That’s the most fun thing I’d heard all day. Just remember that I was the one to save you back then in kindergarten! And on another note; I wonder how your parents would react when I tell them how disrespectful their son is towards their sons, aka your, sunbae and beloved hyung,” he scoffed.

“Oh get over yourself,” he snapped back smiling into the phone.

Suddenly an unknown sound blasted through the speakers of his phone it made Sehun raise an eyebrow. Sehun kept quite when he heard Baekhyun stopped his laughing fit and a door being slammed open and a dark voice began to yell. Sehun gasped and raised an eyebrow as he heard Baekhyun try to explain something. He heard some strange noise and all of sudden the call ended. Sehun looked at the phone when the call ended and he knew very well what just happened. Baekhyun got caught.

Sehun threw his phone towards the floor and growled. What was he now supposed to do? He gritted through his teeth and followed it with a sigh. Sehun then heard a knock on his door and he quickly slid under the covers to not ruin his cover. He was supposed be sick and therefore he put on his sick act to see if it worked.

“Young master, I’m here with the soup,” he heard a loud female voice say from behind the door and he knew his food was here. He called her in and the small maid came through with a big plate with loads of small pots of different kinds of meat, some bowls with soup, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks. 

The girl sat down the big plate next to him on his night table and before leaving she bowed. Sehun muttered a ‘thanks’ before grabbing the spoon to try out the soup. Sehun smiled widely as he tasted the wonder sensation of the soup on his tongue and didn’t even notice the form of a human standing against the still open door.

“Oh I can see how sick you are, Sehun-ah. Almost dying there, huh?” Sehun almost dropped his spoon into the bowl and he hissed. He sighed annoyed and laid down the spoon and lifted his eyes to meet his sister’s eyes which already was glancing in his way.

Damn it.



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