That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


4. III

Sehun groaned annoyed when the way to well-known buzz of his clock woke him up from his wonderful time in dreamland. He had been dreaming something great, about someone he liked a lot – the only problem was that he didn’t remember who he dreamt of or where this dream happened. The only thing he remembered was the kind of bubbly feeling in his stomach when he woke up and the dash of disappointment when he looked around and found himself at home and not on Jeju.

Sehun sighed. He knew he had school today and he had to put aside his constant daydreams of Luhan and his time on Jeju. He didn’t feel like going to school today, but did he have any choice? Of course he could call in sick but wouldn’t it seem too suspicious to call in sick on the first day of school in the New Year? Sehun thought so and he was a hundred percent sure that his teachers and parents would think that too.

Sehun got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to do his usual morning routine which consisted of a face wash, quick bath, brush teeth, pee and of course get his school uniform on. Sehun washed his hands and turned his eyes at the watch placed next to him on his night table next to his bed. It showed 08:00 which made him run down the stairs. He had to be at school at 08:45 to some kind of introduction meeting for the students and if you weren’t there you would be expelled immediately. Pretty harsh but you couldn’t really do anything about it.

As he came downstairs he was met by his mom and his butler Xiumin chatting smilingly to each other over the counter while Xiumin was cooking his mom some eggs. As Sehun stepped his foot into the kitchen the two quickly coughed fake and retreated from their former position back to their original place: His mom back to the table and Xiumin back to the stove where the eggs was getting burned. Sehun heard Xiumin curse under his breath but shook it off.

“Morning, sweety,” greeted his mom him and sent him a fond smile. Sehun returned her favor with the best smile he could fake without it looking too neither fake nor unnatural.

“Morning, umma,” Sehun sat down next to her and grabbed a banana and began to peel it. The tension between the three was a bit tense but none of them commented on it. When Sehun was done with his banana went Sehun to the hall where his shoes, jacket and schoolbag etc. were. He put his jacket on and slipped into his converse. He threw his bag over his shoulder and tucked a warm beanie over his cold ears.

“I’ll be going now – see you tonight,” Sehun shouted and went through the door. As he walked out of the house gate he was met by his driver Jongdae or as Sehun would call him Chen or troll just to tease him. He was standing next to a black car with dark windows wearing his usual black tux and shining black leather shoes.

“Hello master, please go and sit in the car and I’ll you to school,” Jongdae gestured his hands towards the now opened door. Sehun nodded and went in. Jongdae went around the car and sat down in the front seat and turned on the engine.

“Are you excited for the school year, sir?” asked Jongdae from up front. Sehun smiled sheepishly.

“Not really, but thanks for asking,” Said Sehun and paused, “Troll,” Sehun heard the same old groan from up front which made a smile sneak up on his lips.

“Argh, Sehun I thought you finally had grown from that but I guess not,” Sehun chuckled lightly at Jongdae’s comment.

“Never,” retreated Sehun and smirked. “It’s too fun to let go of,” he could see in the drivers mirror that Jongdae rolled his eyes. Sehun learned satisfied back in the seat and the rest of the drive there were a calm and nice silence in the car.

As Jongdae turned into the driveway to his school Sehun took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Even though he always would appear as a cold person who never felt anything or got bothered by anyone, Sehun actually felt nervous. That feeling made Sehun cringed. If you can feel you’re weak – don’t feel anything and then you are and will be the superior as his dad always would say and Sehun knew he was right. Letting people get into his life and getting emotions is a bad thing because then they have the power to hurt you. If you love someone they automatically get the power to make you cry unlike strangers who you don’t like or know would have no chance of doing so.

 As Sehun exhaled his heart began to ease down and moments later Jongdae turned off the engine and walked out to open the door for him. Sehun got up from his seat as the door opened and Sehun sent Jongdae a faint smile as a little thank you. Sehun cleared his throat and looked around at the millions of students wearing the exact same school uniform as him. A girl came running towards a group of girl who squealed like mad when they saw her. Every one of them was having their hair in a ponytail and as they jumped up and down in happiness their hair bounced and moved from side to side.

Suddenly the bell rang and everyone ran towards the entrance of the school. Sehun did the exact same and quickly made his way to the big auditorium where the student introduction meeting was taking place. Sehun looked around to find a seat and among the thousands of students he saw his friends sitting in a line at the back. As they saw him they waved him over to them and Sehun made his way towards them.

“Welcome back, Sehun-ah,” said Baekhyun and clapped on the chair next to him. Sehun sent him a fond smile and sat down. Sehun had known Baekhyun since kindergarten where Kris, who they only became friends with a year ago, had hit Sehun because he wouldn’t share his blue power ranger with him and Baekhyun came to the rescue and hit him in the head with a plastic shovel. Ever since they had been very close friends and practically told each other everything, even when Baekhyun had a crush on one of Kris’ friends’ Chanyeol. Chanyeol on the other hand had no idea about Baekhyun’s feelings and nothing really happened. From what Sehun was told Chanyeol was straight as a stick, so Baekhyun never had any chance anyway.

Next to Baekhyun were Tao, Kai and Suho who waved at him. Sehun waved back before they heard an almost magnetic scream from the microphone from the stage. A wave of mumbling came across all the students and a couple of girls screamed in surprise.

“Students!” a high voice suddenly said and everyone shut up. It was class president Yixing or as the students would call him Lay, who spoke up and made everyone be quite. He cleared his throat and moved around on his papers before starting on his speech.

“Welcome back to another year at Sang Yeon High School! I hope you all are ready to a school year of studying well and having a good time while doing so. As a present for everyone on this grade and the excellent test scores from last year, the school management has decided for everyone to go visit somewhere this year. The details of where, when and how will be sent to your parents later on this year, but for now please concentrate on studying and write good notes in class – I promise it’ll pay off at the end,” Lay held a pause before getting back to his speech. Sehun looked to right side where he noticed Suho looked very concentrated and almost drooling at Lay. Sehun smirked soundless before turning his attention to Lay’s boring speech.

“Speaking of studying, there will this year arrive two teachers from both Canada and China – they will be at service for you students to go get help on your Chinese and English papers and homework. Their names will be announced when they arrive on the speakers later on,” Lay took a deep breath.

“Okay, this was it – now go to your classes and listen very well in your classes so you can make me as proud as you made me last year!” Lay clapped his hands together once as a sign for us to leave.

Everyone went up from ours chairs and the huge amount of students filled the halls. Sehun found his friends and together they went to their first class in the New Year. Sehun didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad. He was happy his thoughts finally could get off of Luhan and concentrate about something else but another part of him wished to stop what he was doing and get the first plane back to Jeju Island and maybe seeing Luhan again. Sehun’s thoughts got interrupted by Kai calling his name.

“Sehun.. SEHUN!” Sehun blinked at Kai who waved his hands furiously in front of him. Kai sighed annoyed at Sehun before snapping at him. “Welcome back to reality, bitch face. Mind joining us here?” Kai pointed at an empty chair between Kai and Baekhyun. Sehun nodded quickly and sat down.

“Sehun-ah, what was you thinking about that got you that far away from reality?” asked Baekhyun whispering before adding, “Or should I say who was you thinking about? Has Sehun finally found a girl whom he likes?” teased Baekhyun and nudged to his side. Sehun answered with rolling his eyes at him which made Baekhyun scowl at him. As the teacher began to call everyone’s name Sehuns thoughts drifted away him away again. This time it wasn’t about Luhan though; this time his thoughts were on the new school year and whether or not he’ll meet his father’s expectations of him for this year’s test. Sehun sighed.

This year is going to be a hard one.


The bell finally rang and Sehun along with his friends went outside their classroom and walked towards their lockers to grab their bag and belongings. Sehun waved goodbye to Tao and Kai who’s lockers where in the other building, separated from Suho, Sehun and Baekhyun’s who’s locker where right next to each other. Tao and Kai waved back and said their goodbye and Sehun typed in the code to open his locker. Baekhyun appeared next to him opening his locker.

“Sehun-ah, what’s up with you today? All you’ve been doing all day is daydreaming and you haven’t listened to what the teacher said at all. If you don’t concentrate in class your score is not going to be good,” said Baekhyun with a worried expression plastered to his face. Sehun shook his face while sending a fond smile.

“Ani~ I’m fine, I’ve just been thinking – that’s all,” assured Sehun while dragging his backpack out and throwing it over his shoulders. Baekhyun closed his locker and learned towards it with his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at him.

“You sure? Because you know you can always come to me, right? I won’t jugde whatsoever the problem that’s bothering you is,” Baekhyun threw his backpack over his shoulder just as Sehun had done while glancing at Sehun. Just as Sehun was about to answer him blurted Baekhyun out something.

“Wait! Could it be something about Seyeon? Is she coming back?!” Baekhyun made big eyes at Sehun who didn’t believe what his best friend just said. Sehun and Baekhyun have been talking about Seyeon before but Baekhyun knew this was a subject Sehun didn’t really like talking about. Baekhyun knew about the situation back home as the only one and usually when Sehun was a bit sad Baekhyun would ask if it was about her and every time it would be.

But not this time.

All day Luhans face and the memories been pestering his brain and he couldn’t concentrate at all. The annoying yet amazing butterflies in his stomach just wouldn’t stop moving and he was about to lose his mind. Sehun knew that he would probably never meet him again and the chances of Luhan remembering Sehun were minimal: He had probably already forgotten about him.

“Ah~ not this time. I promise I’ll tell you if there’s something I want to talk about or something else,” reassured Sehun and laid his hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder to make the things he just said go through Baekhyun’s listening filter. Baekhyun immediately smiled and nodded.

“Okay,” Baekhyun chuckled. Sehun smiled at his friend reaction and closed his locker. Suho had already left without them noticing, but they just shrugged it off – it was a normal action by Suho. He had to attend millions and millions of meetings next to his dad who owned a big part of the main export factories of South Koreas industrial products. You could say Suho was kind of rich.

“Yah! Come on, let’s go,” said Tao who walked towards them from behind with Kai following behind. Baekhyun smiled instantly and grabbed Sehun bi the arm. He dragged him with him as he made his way up to the panda and dancing machine, who already was a bit ahead of them. Sehun grinned and followed Baekhyun.

“Wow, the diva and the bitch face finally cared to join us?” Kai smirked at the two, who finally reached them. Baekhyun hissed at him and Sehun rolled his eyes. Bitch face. Sehun was by no mean a bitch face; he just didn’t smile at everyone like the flirtatious Kai, who would get every girl in the whole school. Sehun growled at him which made Tao laugh.

“Calm down tiger, he was just teasing,” Tao chuckled and nudged to his side.

“Shut up, Panda,” Sehun sighed annoyed and waited for the yelling he knew would come in the matter of seconds.

“Wh- I’M AM ABSOLUTLY NOT A PANDA! I AM NOT A PANDA IT’S JUST SOME DARK WRINGLES UNDER MY EYES, YOU LITTLE-“as Tao was yelling he suddenly stopped. Tao was gaping in an unknown direction and all 3 guys turned their heads. Sehun made big eyes as he saw a strange yet quite handsome male walk towards them looking lost around the area. The guys came closer and cleared his throat as if he was about to hold a speech. The lost face expression got swapped into a cold face and as Kai would call it a bitch face.

“Hey boys, do you know where Sang Yeon High School’s principles official office is?” The guys turned out to have an extremely deep voice, well according to Sehun anyway. He always said that Kai had the deepest voice he’d ever heard, but this tall guy’s voice made Kai’s voice sound like a girl’s voice.

“Um, it’s just over there,” Baekhyun pointed at the direction towards the school and told him like it couldn’t care him less whether the stranger found the office or not. Tao scoffed at Baekhyun’s action. The tall stranger looked over to Tao who stepped a bit closer.

“Yeah, you just go through the doors and turn left at the end of the hall and the you just straight until you see the sign where the principles name is on,” explained  Tao and pointed. Baekhyun just rolled his eyes as the diva he knew he was. The taller smiled and thanked Tao. Tao smiled back fondly and wished him luck finding it. Just as the four was about to walk and leave the stranger, the strange guy quickly tapped Tao’s shoulder, which Sehun inwardly laughed at.

The tall stranger probably shouldn’t have done that. As Tao felt the tapping on his shoulder his natural reflex kicked in and in matter of seconds the tall stranger was laying on the ground groaning in pain and making scrunching faces. Taos eyes hurried around the place to figure where the tapping came from and the 3 guys laughed at him. This was such a typical and normal behavior of Tao and Sehun chuckled at the whining disaster on the ground.

Tao raised and eye at Sehun and followed his eyes down to the ground and gasped. The tall stranger sat up and glared at Tao whose eyes was growing as he realized what he had just done. Tao moved quickly down next to him and began to examine his body to see if he was bleeding or had broken a bone somewhere.

“Omgomgomgomgomgomg, are you okay?!” Tao placed his hands on the tall stranger’s broad shoulder and shook him a bit as the stranger was facing the ground and groaning. The tall guy hissed at Tao and shoved him away.

“Yah! What’s wrong with you, you maniac, you dumbass, you-“the tall paused for a bit before continuing, “, you insane panda!” Tao raised his eyes brows and gaped at him, before he huffed at him and got up on his feet. The tall stranger huffed arrogantly at Tao and looked up at him and rolled his eyes. Tao rolled his eyes at the tall man and turned around, not even looking at him again. The tall stranger gaped at Tao as he went up to Baekhyun, Sehun and Kai.

“Fucking idiot,” said Tao under his breath as he went closer to the guys who was looking quite confused at Tao who was coming closer to them.

“Come on, I don’t have the time for this,” Tao grabbed Sehun by the wrist and as the 3 was lingered together, the 4 guys made a chain being led by Tao walking away from the tall stranger, who couldn’t believe his eyes.

As they came a bit away from him, Kai stopped walking and smirked at Tao while he asked what the hell he was thinking and what it all was about. Baekhyun and Sehun looked expectant at Tao as they wanted an answer as well.

“Seriously, Tao? I know you do that entire wushu thing and that’s pretty awesome, but you do realize who that was, right? After this you’re in so much trouble,” Kai chuckled at Tao who immediately froze.

“What do you mean?” asked Baekhyun and looked at Kai. Sehun looked at Kai and wondered who that person could’ve been. Maybe he could be Tao’s cousin or something? Sehun shook inwardly his head as he knew that the two didn’t look alike. The tall stranger was buff and had light brown hair whereas Tao was tall too, but had black hair and the characteristic dark shadows under his eyes.

Kai laughed again and broke Sehuns thoughts. Kai raised both his eyebrows and looked disbelieving at the 3 who clearly didn’t know who that person was. Kai sighed.

“Okay guys, let me break it to you, okay? That guy’s name is Kang Min Ah or also known as Kang Tae Young or mostly known as just Mr. Kang,” Sehun listened carefully and so did the 2 others. Sehun moved his attention back to Kai who was still continuing his explanation.

”That guy right there is our new Chinese teacher and Tao, as the idiot he is, just karate kicked him so he fell down and made him pissed. Good job, Tao, good job,” Tao made big eyes and whined. He snuggled into Baekhyun’s chest an sighed. Baekhyun laughed and clapped his head calmly.

“Fuuuuck, I’m so dead,” muttered he and Sehun nodded. Oh yes he was, but at least he had just made school a bit more interesting. Thank you, Tao. Thank you for your crazy wushu reflexes. 


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