That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


3. II



The days Luhan and Sehun met up at the beach and went around the island, discovering new places and seeing animals they never in their lives have seen before. Day by day they grew closer and closer. Sehun finally felt comfortable to call Luhan hyung and Luhan loved it. And Sehun knew it.  Luhan would smile every time Sehun said the word ‘Hyung’ and the smile on Luhans made heart pound like mad.

After a couple days it of happiness with the blonde a bomb fell into Sehuns land of freedom and flowers. His parents had called him home at noon while he was at their special spot in the forest with Luhan. His mom called him and he picked up.

“Hello Sehun-ah. Please come home, we need to talk to you about something,” he heard his mom say in a shaky voice. He lost his smile in an instant which made Luhan raise his left eyebrow at him. He began to worry about his mom and nodded without knowing.

“Um, sure, I- Um, I will be there in 5 minutes,” Sehun said and turned to a curious Luhan staring worried at him.

“That’s good, Sehun-ah. Please hurry, it’s important,” his mom said before hanging up on him. Sehun sighed. Luhan pursed his lips and sighed as well.

“What is it? Are you alright? You kind of lost your smile pretty fast and that’s not something you usually do,” Luhan went closer to him. Sehun sent him a fond smile and sighed.

“I don’t know what it was about but my mom is worried about something. She wants me home because my mom and dad want to talk to me about something important,” Sehun bit his lip.

“So I guess you will be going?” Luhan asked hesitantly and dropped his usual spark in his eyes slowly which made Sehun heart ache.

“Yeah,” he said simply

“Same place, same time tomorrow?” Luhan asked and the sparks gradually found their place in his eyes again. Sehun smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, same place, same time,” Sehun assured Luhan before he gave him a quick hug before going. After a few minutes he saw the same old facade of the summerhouse he was staying in. He went in and swapped his shoes with some other soft shoes.

“Hey, I’m home now!” he shouted as he went towards the living room. He sat down in the small couch and soon after came his parents in and sat down in the other couch near the one Sehun was sitting in. Sehun glanced at his mom and gasped. Her cheeks were wet and her big eyes pressed together tightly. Around her shoulders saw Sehun his father’s arms holding her softly while trying to calm his wife down.

“What happened?!” Sehun got up and sat down his mom, took her hand and looked very with big eyes at her.

“Sehun-ah, Seyeon got divorced and she’s on her way back from China in this moment. It breaks my heart to tell you this, but we need to go home now. I know that you’ve been so happy being here, actually I’ve never seen you this happy since all the stuff with Seyeon, but we need to go home and make the house ready for her to move in again. He took everything; her money, her dignity. He just threw her on the ground and and,-” Her voice slowly turned into whisper. Sehun didn’t know how to react. He didn’t know whether it was the fact that he has to go home or the fact his sister I coming home is the worst.

“B-But how? What did she do this time?” Sehun cringed and sighed annoyed. His sister always had some kind of way to ruin his happiness or just to mess something up. He knew that this was quite serious, but Sehun couldn’t stop thinking about all the times Seyeon had been the one to ruin his happiness. Blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, yell at him whenever he got a good score on a test or even making a new friend she would disapprove and shoo him or her away. It was like his sister didn’t even like him and all she ever wanted was to mess with his life.

“Sehun, don’t be like this. Your sister is vulnerable right now; she just got kicked out for God’s sake! This is obviously taking a toll on your mom, so don’t be like that. Think about your mother, would you?” his dad hissed at him.

Sehun had enough. He got up and stormed to his room. He hissed and groaned in annoyance. “You got to be kidding me,” Sehun sneered and sighed frustrated.

For once he was having a good time: No sister to ruin anything and he was actually getting a new friend that liked him for who he really was. Luhan. The same sounded beautifully just by saying it. He was beautiful and now Sehun would never meet him again. They didn’t even get to change numbers.

“I’m so sick of her getting pitied all the freaking time. I know she’s having a hard time, I respect that, but she’s a grown woman, for God’s sake! She’s supposed to be able to take care of herself and not rely on her parents. I’m sorry, but I’ve had enough of this,” Sehun shouted and left his parents. He went into his room and walked around not knowing where to put himself.

“Argh, I’m so stupid,” growled Sehun as he sat down on his bed. He was indeed stupid. He didn’t have to shout at his parents, especially his mom. She was crying and he probably made her feel even worse by almost yelling at her. He sighed. He really regretted yelling, but he also knew that sulking in his room wouldn’t change the fact, that they’re going home. The thought of never seeing Luhan again made his heart hurt.

Sehun heard someone knock and suddenly his door got opened. His dad stood in the doorway and looked at him with a disappointed look. Sehun sighed. He knew that his dad was mad.

“Sehun, go pack your stuff – we’re going home in an hour,” His dad disappeared just as fast as he appeared. Sehun got up and went to pack. Sehun quickly got his clothes thrown into his suitcase and gathered up all his stuff. As he was done he looked at the clock and realized he had about 10 minutes before going home. His eyes lit up at the thought of maybe catching Luhan before leaving, so Sehun decided it wouldn’t hurt going into the forest for the last time and maybe seeing if Luhan was there.

Sehun took a deep breath and went to the door, changed his shoes and in a split second he was on his way towards the little spot in the forest. He looked at his watch to see what time it was and he saw he had 5 minutes to see if Luhan was there and get back in time, before his parents would notices his disappearance.

Sehun turned up his pace and ran towards the spot. As he arrived he saw a figure sitting on the bench. Could this be Luhan?

Sehun smiled, but his smile disappeared as he came closer. He soon found out that the figure was an old gray-haired woman. Sehun sighed. He would never meet Luhan again, right? This was too good to be true, thought Sehun. He looked yet again at his watch – 3 minutes.

Sehun made big eyes and cursed under his breath. He began to run in the same pace as coming here and in minutes he was home, where he met his parents stand next to each surrounded by their entire luggage. Sehuns dad didn’t look too happy about seeing his son come running of a forest, when he was supposed to be packing. Sehuns dad sent him a cold look and sighed.

“Get in the car, now,” Sehuns dad gestured with his hands towards the car and began to load the car. Sehun nodded and sat down in the car according to his father’s wish. His mother didn’t say anything when joining him in the car which was odd, considering it was his mother – The one who spoke the most in the family.

Sehuns dad loaded the last suitcase in the car and went in front of the car and sat down. Sehun heard the car start and before he knew when, where and how they got to the airport without him knowing it. I guess I fell asleep, though Sehun and groaned. To surprise him even more he was already sitting in the passenger seat of the plane and Sehun looked very lost around the cabin. He soon located his parents a couple of seats ahead of him and he pouted. Of course, he thought, I guess I dishonored them so back they don’t even want to sit next to me on the plane.

Sehun was lucky enough to be having seat right next to a window and as he looked around the sky his thoughts began to wander. Not knowing why Luhans face appeared in his head. The light brown hair, the endless brown eyes, his plumb lips which he would love to ki-

 Sehun stopped himself with a frown. How could he be having these thoughts about a boy? A person from the same sex as him? This couldn’t be normal and it stood against everything he had been taught about since birth. If he would start to like a boy, then it would ruin the whole plan his parents had planned out for him. Get an education, take over dad’s business, get married to the Huang family’s daughter and then reproduce. That was the plan and if that would be ruined his dad would never speech or even look at him and he couldn’t risk that. All his life he had been striving towards these goals as he knew this was his future, but somehow these goals and that plan didn’t attract him as it used to. He only had one wish and that was a simple one.

All he wanted was to see Luhan again.


The plane landed and soon after the family was in their home again, greeted by their butler Xiumin. He smiled fondly at the three as they walked in and dropped their suitcases. Xiumin was quick to grab them and after he bowed he proceed walked up the stairs. Sehun looked around a bit let down over the fact that nothing have had changed. If only something could’ve changed after the vacation Sehun might’ve gotten a bit up beat if something had changed. Maybe the flowers hanging on the wall next to the mirror might’ve had gotten changed into some other colors. Maybe the carpet could’ve been sold and another one put down instead of the old, Japanese carpet from the former century. Sehun sighed.

“Sehun, go to your room and study. School starts tomorrow and you need to be prepared,” Sehuns dad glared at him and gestured with his hands towards the staircase right down the hall. Sehun nodded and clenched his hand around the handle of the suitcase and was about to go, before a voice behind him stopped him. As he turned around he saw Xiumin look very startled at him.

“Sehun-ssi, would you like me to take your suitcase and unpack, so you could go straight up and study?” asked Xiumin with a shaky voice. Sehun threw his eyes at Xiumin and raised an eyebrow. “Why would I make you carry this when I can do it easily by myself? You’re already busy enough by now, I can take care of this,” Sehun looked a second at Xiumin to show he was serious and removed Xiumin’s hand on the handle and continued towards his room along the long hall and big staircase.

Xiumin was speechless and was left gaping at his younger master. He was used to a master who’d not even think about others and make him do all the work – even make him do his homework at times. But this time his master was considerate – thinking about him for once. A smiled sneaked up upon his lips, but quickly disappeared, when his other masters ordered him to unpack their suitcases and left the immediately the room. On the other hand as Sehun went up the stairs he heard his dad mention his name, so he stopped to listen what he had to say.

“What are we going to do with him?? He’s all out of control, he’s smiling all of sudden and I’m suspecting he’s forgetting his responsibilities as the next owner and successor of the company! He needs to stop playing and take this seriously. I’m not letting him destroy what I’ve been working for all my life,”

“Calm down, honey. It’s probably just a phase. It’s not going to last forever, you just wait a couple of months and this will be over – He knows very well that he’s marrying Huang Min Si and he’d known that ever since he was 5. He’s a very responsible young boy, you don’t have to worry and freak out about it,”

“I know, hun, it’s just that he’d been changing a lot lately and I don’t know if I can trust him on taking over the business after I’m gone,”

“Sweety, you’re not that old! You don’t have to think about this now; you have a lot of years ahead of you and your health is at its best. Don’t worry, he’ll be all fine – just like you,”

Then it was silent for some time.

“I guess you’re right. I got to go to the study to work now - I’ll see you at dinner,”

Sehun bit his lip and looked down into the staircase step he was currently standing on. He quickly went to his door and closed the door and began to unpack. He needed to get his thoughts of what his parents just told him. Or, had been talking behind his back. His dad was right; He had been changing a bit. He went from a heartless jerk to a person who actually thinks about other people than himself. This was quite a change. Would his friends even recognize him when he returns to school?

As he put the last shirt into the laundry basket and shoved his suitcase under his bed he sat down on his bed and continued thinking. He was so confused and didn’t really know what to do. His parents was losing their trust in him, himself was changing, Seyeon was coming home, school’s starting tomorrow and he was not even close to ready. His mind was floating around all these thoughts he haven’t even done his homework which was to make a book report about some book a Chinese guy had written.

Sehun sighed and laid down. He rolled around on his stomach with his head bowed down to check if he could find the book and moved his hand under the bed. He quickly felt a hardcover of a book and grabbed it to see if it were the book that he was looking after. Sehun pouted at the book as he realized he now had no choice but to read. If only he couldn’t find he could’ve told his teacher he couldn’t find it and not do his homework but since he had found it he had to start read it. He looked at the name of the book “The Closet of Secrets – by Xi Wei Ma”. He opened the book and began to read.

For Sehuns big surprise the book was about two guys called Xi Mau and Wo In  from the 1800 century who were in love but because the society at that time they couldn’t be together. Because of their love they dishonored their family and family name where one thing led to another and Xi Mau got decapitated. Xi Mau’s family threatened Wo In if he would ever near them or their family they would send a hit man after him and make sure he’ll never get to dishonor them again. Xi Mau’s family was poor and defiantly needed Wo In’s income, so he decided to agree. For some time he did exactly what the family had ordered him to but it got too hard for him. Wo In decided therefor to leave China and move to South Korea.  Wo In cried for days in the new country and he ended up committing suicide because of the pain of not being with Xi Mau.

After roughly 6-7 hours of reading Sehun was sitting tucked into his duvet in his bed with weary eyes and sniffling over the pages of the book. His cheeks were wet from all the tears and his eyes were red. His eyes got plumb and spongy from all the time he had been biting in them and eyes hair was messy and was pointing in every possible direction. Sehun had never reacted this strongly on a book or a story in his life. The closets he’d ever been to this kind of reaction was when he was younger and he had just read the Harry Potter book series done and he couldn’t get over the fact that Fred Weasley had died.

Sehun wondered why he reacted the way he did. Could it be because he feared it would him who’d be the Wo In in his life and he could make the same mess by liking the same sex? That he’d make his parents disappointed in him and lose the one he loved because it still was as taboo to be gay? Well it’s not completely the same as back then but still? Sehun sighed. He didn’t know what to do. All these thoughts made him insane and he just wanted to be normal just like everyone else. If he turned out to be gay his life would be changed forever – his parents probably wouldn’t even like him anymore and cut the contact between. He’d lose his friends, lose all the perks of being the son of Oh Industries’ chairman and not be able to get married to Huang Min Si – or he might’ve just get pushed into doing it anyway.

Sehun didn’t want to think about anymore and pushed the thoughts away. Sehun read the line of the last page and closed the book. He got surprised as he looked at his clock. The time showed that it was 02:34 in the night and it was a school day. Actually, it was today he was supposed to get back in school from the summer break. In the 4-5 hours he would get up and go straight to school and he had done nothing but read in that time where he could be sleeping. 

“Idiot, Sehun, you idiot,” muttered he as threw the book away and went to the bathroom go the ready for bed. He used his face wash and brushed his teeth and after a few minutes he was ready for bed. He found his way under his duvet and tucked it closely to his body to get the same comfortable feeling he’d always get when he tucked himself into his duvet. He felt perfectly warm under the thick piece of fabric – not to cold nor hot. The darkness quickly took over his body and let his body surrender to the world of dreams. A familiar face appeared in Sehun dream which made him unconsciously smile in his sleep.

It was Luhan’s face.  



Do you like the way Luhan and Sehun slowly and gradually become closer and closer? ^^ Aaaand then I got them apart.. Sorry about that, but it's important to the progression of the story so bear with me :b

I know I suck at the conversations, but I'm working on it! I've never been good at conversations n stories I don't know why.. o.o

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