I miss you

Justin and Chloe were friends since the day they born and now they are together. Justin is famous and he lives in L.A. Chloe can't leave her life in Canada to live with him but after trying Justin make her go live with him. They are happy together but Justin has to go on tour again and Chloe stays alone in L.A. He sends her messages and letters all the time but he can't do anything for the hate comments on internet and the hate she gets in her everyday life because of their relationship. She cries almost every night but she stays strong for their love.They both believe that no one can break them even though the difficoulties but it's not like that! What will happen when someone takes her away from him? Is their love so strong to win everything? No one knows. The only thing they know is that they wanna be together. When they take her back to Canada Justin is trying to take her back, he's begging, crying and do whatever he can. Could he take her back? What will happen between them?


1. My words & a little description

Before I start I want to say a few words to you all who are reading my other story. I started writing stories when I was twelve, I always loved writing. It's like my mind goes away into amazing things. I started writing on movellas on August 2013 and I can't describe the feeling. It's much more than sharing on facebook or on other pages because here everyday after school I'm like "I have to look out the comments the readers and all these stuff" Yeah maybe I'm addicted but the feeling you get when you read all these words and take so much love is unbelievable. I got through depressions with you even though you don't know it. You really help me! It's amazing having so many people wanting more of what I'm writing and what I'm thinking about. I hope that you will do what you did on the other one. Kill me or Not was like a road where I could imagine with you a lot of things and just be myself. Just write what I'm thinkin. I love the fact that you are telling me all these kind things. The only thing I have to say now is this: "LET AN ANOTHER STORY BEGIN!  IMAGINE WHAT YOU WANT! NEVER STOP DREAMING WHAT YOU WANT! <3" 


XXX Biebercake ;)


Now let's talk about the story! :)




Chloe and Justin are friends since they were born. Justin's and Chloe's mums are friends since their childhood, so Justin and  Chloe do. At age of 15 Justin is discovered from a manager named Scooter Braun and he has to move to Atlanta and then to L.A. When he is telling this to Chloe she's getting socked, she can't believe it. She is so happy for him but at the same time she doesn't want him to go away because now they're together. After a few months Justin is moving to Atlanta, he's got an enormous house and everything that he wants the same at L.A, but he doesn't have friends and Chloe. Chloe, Chaz and Ryan are back to Canada he's all alone with adults all the time. His one love and best friends can't be with him even though now they are 18. Chloe while the time is passing by is getting more depressed because she can meet him only two times the year. The only days that she's okay is when she's talking with him from messages and letters, yeah letters even though it's an old way Justin thinks that he can tell more on them than on the phone or on mails. Justin has so many fans that he can't control it, he's surrounded by more and more people and screaming fans.But he's feeling alone all the time. He can't take her with him and after begging and trying hard she finally do it but then he has to go on tour and she has to stay alone in L.A. The fans get angrier and angrier every day with her. They don't even wanna hear her name. They send hate comments, they show their hate to her when they see her and all these are too much to control them alone. That's when her  parents decide that it's better for her to go back to Canada away from him away from everything.Justin is going crazy he tries to bring her back but they don't let him talk to her. Will they be together? Is their love so strong to bring them back together? Keep on reading and you'll find out!





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