I miss you

Justin and Chloe were friends since the day they born and now they are together. Justin is famous and he lives in L.A. Chloe can't leave her life in Canada to live with him but after trying Justin make her go live with him. They are happy together but Justin has to go on tour again and Chloe stays alone in L.A. He sends her messages and letters all the time but he can't do anything for the hate comments on internet and the hate she gets in her everyday life because of their relationship. She cries almost every night but she stays strong for their love.They both believe that no one can break them even though the difficoulties but it's not like that! What will happen when someone takes her away from him? Is their love so strong to win everything? No one knows. The only thing they know is that they wanna be together. When they take her back to Canada Justin is trying to take her back, he's begging, crying and do whatever he can. Could he take her back? What will happen between them?


2. Chapter 1

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Justin! Happy Birthday to you" everyone was singing Happy Birthday to Justin while he was in front of his cake and his left hand was holding Chloe’s hand. "Make a wish handsome" she whispered in his ear and she smiled. "Me and Chloe forever together as one" he told in his mind and he blew off the candles. He turned around and kissed Chloe for a while. They hugged tight and then the phone rang. 


He left her and picked it up. It was probably someone of his family who wanted to wish him "Happy Birthday" "Hey it's Justin" he said loudly because of the noise "Hey it's Scooter Braun are you Justin Bieber?" the man on the other side of the line was serious and made Justin tell them stop screaming. A big silence on the room made everyone hear what he was telling. "Yeah that's me why?" "I'm a manager, I live in Atlanta and I saw your videos on Youtube. I'm interested about you." he said and Justin froze where he was. "Sorry but that's not funny. So please stop making fun of me and leave me alone" he whispered and in less than a minute Chloe was next to him "Hey don't ignore him listen what he has to tell you." "No Chloe they did it again many assholes from school." "Justin don't be so bad just listen" "Pfff okay" He kissed her again and he grabbed the phone "What you have to tell me?" "As I told you I'm a manager and I'm interested for you and your talent. I've got some free time these days so I booked tickets to Toronto and I'm coming tomorrow I'd really like to meet you" "That's can't happen" "Oh gosh can I talk with your mom and dad for a little?" he said and he was ready to blew up. "Wait a minute"



Justin hang on the phone and walked to the kitchen where his mom, his dad and grandparents were. "Mom there's someone on the phone, he wants to talk to you. He said he wants my parents." "What he want us? " said Jeremy with a smile which faded the next moment because of Justin's reaction "He wants to talk to my mom not to you! You are nothing to us!" said Justin with a glower look. "I'm your father Justin I wanna know what happens to you. I care" he said and Justin started laughing "You should think about it when you broke up with my mom and left us alone. Back then I needed you not now..." he left the room while Pattie was talking on the phone and went outside with Chloe following him.



"Justin wait. Justin!" she grabbed his arm and looked him in the eyes."What?" "Why you act like that? He's you dad!" "NO HE'S NOT! HE WASN'T THERE WHEN I WAS 5 AND KIDS AT SCHOOL TOLD ME THAT I HAVEN'T GOT DAD! HE WASN'T THERE WHEN I WAS 10 AND THE BULLIES TOLD ME THAT I'M A KITTEN BECAUSE KITTENS HAVEN'T GOT DADS! HE WASN'T THERE WHEN THEY KICKED ME AND ALL THIS STUFF BECAUSE I WAS DIFFERENT! AND HE'S NOW THAT I'M 16 I’M FAMOUS AT SCHOOL AND I HAVE EVERYTHING! I DON'T NEED HIM NOW CHLOE! WHAT HE CAN TELL ME NOW? HOW TO PUT ON A CONDOM? I KNOW IT!" his eyes were red he forgot what happened on the phone because of this. He never liked what happened back then he was always thinking that he had only mom that his dad was dead. "Justin shut the hell up! Stop it okay? How many times we have to talk about this? They didn't feet together! And stop talking about the condom thing every time you want to blame him! You use it since last year! It's not anyone's job what you do in your personal life!" she was embarrassed because of this everyone was thinking that she wasn't a virgin since she was 15 because someone listened to him when he was fighting with his dad on the phone "Sorry baby, sorry!" he mumbled and he hugged her tight. "Don't push him away from you he's trying!" she whispered and she kissed his lips slowly. “I won’t forgive him I’ll never do this”



They sat on the staircase outside the balcony and looked out the stars. They didn’t tell anything since she broke the silence.  “Justin what will happen if someone wants you to go sign with a discography?” “I don’t know that’s not what I’m thinking now…” he fondled her hand and smiled a little “I love you little asshole” she laughed and kissed his cheek “I love you too little bitch” “Shut the hell up Bieber and kiss me” She said and put her arms around his neck and started kissing him. “You have to go inside it’s your party…” she mumbled and kissed him again. “I don’t care I want you” he whispered with sexy voice and she moaned a little. “Justin… Not now please…” she mumbled and went a little back. “Why? We are two years together.” “I’m not ready Justin please. I want you to be my first but not now.” “Okay baby okay whatever you want” he kissed her and smiled “Let’s go inside” she said and stood up made her dress and looked him. “Okay” he stood up too and hugged her. They went inside and he found his mom sitting in the kitchen talking with his dad. Chloe looked him in the eyes and nodded him to go there. He kissed her and he went to the kitchen.



“What is happening mom?” He said and took a glass with cola. “Justin we have to talk now.” She mumbled and looked him in the eyes. “Of course tell me” “This guy named Scooter Braun wants to meet him tomorrow he’s a big manager and the choice is yours.” He looked them all and he was socked. “Justin it’s your choice but your mom and I want to tell you that you won’t stop school and you don’t have to be very excited.” “Can you shut up? Stop talking to me!” he looked and went out the kitchen, ran upstairs and Chloe, Chaz and Ryan ran behind him.



“Dude what is happening?” Ryan mumbled and looked him while Chaz was standing on the wall and Chloe was sitting next to him. “A manager wants me to sign. And he started talking again” “That’s amazing baby don’t be mad he cares and you have to meet that guy” said Chloe with an excited voice. “Yeah definitely” They were all excited and Justin looked them “I love you guys” he layed back and Ryan sat on Justin’s desk chair, Chaz on an another chair and Chloe went on him, sat on his tummy and kissed him. “Get a room guys” Ryan said while they were laughing and Justin closed his eyes. “Are there any people left down?” Chloe mumbled and kissed his neck “No we are the only left it’s 01:00 a.m. you know”  Chaz’s phone started ringing and when he closed it he stood up. “Guys my dad is outside I have to go see ya. Happy Birthday Justin” “Thanks man” Justin stood up and hugged him and after half an hour Ryan left too and they were alone.



“What is happening with you today? It’s too late” Justin whispered and kissed her cheek “I was thinking of staying here tonight it’s been years since the last time.”  She laughed and kissed him. “No problem if you want to my bed is big enough for both of us.” “I know Justin I have stayed here before.” She fondled his hair and smiled. “Can you get me a glass of water please?” “Of course baby of course” he went downstairs and found his mom washing some dishes. “He left?” he whispered and put some water in a glass “He’s at the guests room he’ll sleep here Justin. It’s too late and we drank a lot tonight.” “I don’t want him here.” “I don’t care it’s your father and he’ll stay here. Don’t talk to him like that again or I will punish you” he looked her with angry eyes and started walking outside. “Bla bla bla… Ohh and Chloe is staying here tonight.” He smiled and started walking on the staircase. “Justin not tonight your dad’s here. “I don’t care she’s gonna be here tonight.” “You’re awful Justin go to your room now” “Okay okay”


He walked upstairs and when he got in he found her standing with her black bra and panties. He got crazy okay if this was her birthday present to him it was awesome.”What’s going on here baby?” he mumbled and hugged her from her waist while she was opening his shirt. “Well I was thinking that we’ll both like it so I’m here waiting for you and Jerry.” She laughed and took off his shirt which fell on the floor next to her dress. Now he was only with his black baggie jeans and she was wearing her under wears. While she was watching his body she was smiling with pleasure. No he wasn’t the amazing one with the huge abs and muscles everywhere, he was athletic but his abs were beautiful and depending with his age. He was hot for sure with his hair-flip and he baby man face. “I want you” she whispered in his ear and he smiled but then he stopped. “We can’t do this tonight baby” he mumbled and looked her in the eyes. “You kidding me right? I was waiting since February for this day to make it a present for your birthday and now you are telling me no?” she was socked, he always wanted her and now… What the fuck just happened? “It’s not that I don’t want you but my dad is staying here tonight I don’t wanna hear you and me having sex.” “Is it this or you’re a vir-“ “Don’t even think about it I’m not and you know it” “I know I just thank about it” “Let’s go sleep” he kissed her and he pushed her on him while she placed her legs around his waist. “I want you and I wanna have you and this will not change in a million years” she mumbled and kissed him “I know baby. I know” he kissed her while his hand was cupping her cheek and her body was glued to his. “Please tonight. I wanted this to be your birthday present!” he took a deep breath and kept on kissing her neck “I’ll take my present tomorrow!” he smiled and she looked him in the eyes.



“I have to put on something then.” She said while she walked to his closet and took one blue t-shirt and put on. “Take whatever you want! I’ll take of my jeans!” he smiled, took of his jeans and layed under the blanket only with his black boxers. “I like this t-shirt. I so comfy” she smiled and layed next to him on the double size bed.” “Take it if you want” “No I have already 5 of your t-shirts” she kissed him and started playing with his hand which was around his waist. “You’ve got the red one with the supra sign?” “Yeah” “Cool you’ll take this and I’ll take back the red one.” “No I love that t-shirt!” she looked him in the eyes socked and he kissed her with tongue for a while. “I like too and I want it” “Okay Mr. Bieber I’ll give you back your t-shirt!” she closed her eyes and got in Justin’s hug.



That night they felt asleep together and the days were passing by since the day when Justin would meet Scooter came. Justin was stressed and all the way to Scooter’s hotel he was trying to relax while his mom was driving. They arrived to the ‘Strathcona Hotel’ where Scooter was living and they walked in. “Good morning how can I help you?” said the repcesionst and smiled to them. “Good morning we are here to meet Mr. Scooter Braun.” Said Pattie and smiled back. “Wait a minute please” she called a number talked for a little and then turned  to them “Mr. Braun is on the 3rd floor room 324 he’s waiting for you!” “Tanks” Pattie smiled and they walked to the elevators. After two minutes they were on Scooter’s room talking about business and how Justin could make a big career. And that’s when his career started from a hotel room talking about their hopes and the things Justin could do to get to the top because he could be on the top, he had everything.

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