love me

Harry is a bit different, he likes to keep himself away from everything, he doesn't like to be around other people. and then we have Diana, the schools popular girl who love parties, drinking and boys. what happens when to complete opposites meet? will it be love at first sight? read my fanfiction 'love me' and find out!
hope you enjoy it.


1. who is he?

i shut my eyes open, the rain poured down my window.. it was still dark, i closed my eyes again. just few minutes later it knocked on my door "baby, you have to get up" my mom came into my room and went over to me "Diana time for school" she said with a happy voice. "yeah yeah i'm coming". she went downstairs, i laid in bed a few minutes more before i got up. i took some clothes out and tried it on, i could never deside what to wear. i ended up putting on some jeans, a sweet top and my favourite boots. i went downstairs grapped my bag and an apple and ran out of the door "bye mom" i shouted just before closing the door. when i came to the school it was like it always was, the popular kids in one place and the freaks and nerds in another place.. i hurried over to my friends "heeey" Laura said and gave me a hug. we talked for a few minutes and then the beel rang.. we walked into the classroom, my teacher was already there, he talked with a boy, i've never seen him here before, he must be new. "everybody, this is Harry, he's new, please welcome him, and show him a little bit around on the school" he took he's bag and went for the table in the back. he looked really nervous. it rang out after what felt like a million years, me and my friends walked over to the cafeteria. When we came in i saw Harry sit on a table alone, he sat with he's hands folded under the table, his eyes was staring directly at us. we went to sit at a table just beside him. "hey what are you looking at... Freak?" Paul said. "uhm.. nothing" Harry answered with a low voice.. "be nice.." i told Paul and pushed to he's shoulder. everybody just started laughing.. included myself. Harry got up from the chair very fast, took his bag and almost ran out of the cafeteria... "hey sweetheart, how was your day?" my mom said with her annoying happy voice "fine.." i quickly answered and went to my room. i threw myself on the bed, i was so tired! monday was the worst day! i really hated it. i was almost sleeping when i heard my phone, i took it up 'Paul' came up on my screen. i locked my phone up "hey babe, can i come over" "not so good today.. sorry" i replied... he always called me Babe.. we dated once, but it was a long time ago, but it seemed he still thought we were.. "Diana can you go pick me up something at the store?" i heard my mom shout from the kitchen "ugh yeah okay..." i went downstairs "just these things.." she said and handed me a note and some money.. "okay" i said and went through the door. i walked around in my one world looking for some onions.. suddenly i walked into someone.. "i'm so sorry" "it's okay.." a dark raspy voice answered, i got up.... Harry "i didn't see you" i said and smiled "it's okay.." he said again and walked away.. i turned around and watched him disappear out of the store.. who was he??
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