love me

Harry is a bit different, he likes to keep himself away from everything, he doesn't like to be around other people. and then we have Diana, the schools popular girl who love parties, drinking and boys. what happens when to complete opposites meet? will it be love at first sight? read my fanfiction 'love me' and find out!
hope you enjoy it.


2. nerd or??

when i came home my mom wasn't there "MOOM" i shouted walking around the house, i walked outside to look in the garden, she was nowhere to be found. i walked out on the street, the first thing to catch my eye was this tall guy with curly hair standing on the other side of the road, he looked straight at me.. i crossed the road "what are you looking at" i said a little angry and walked up to him, he didn't anwser he just looked at me... "what is wrong with you.. you can't just come to my house and stalk me like that" i looked him straight in the eyes... he had the most beautiful green eyes, at that moment i realized how beautiful he actually was.. "uhm.. i live just over there.. and i heard you yell" he said and looked at the ground. "oh okay.." i said and started to walk away. i looked over my shoulder.. he still stood there, like he was frozen to the ground. he was wearing extremely ugly clothes.. and he had a book in he's hand, he was such a nerd.. why did he attrac me.. "mom there you are" "yeah sorry, i was just at the neighbours" she said and gave me a big smile.. i handed her the bag with groceries "thank you" she said.. i went for my room and opened my computer.. i had a friend request on facebook "Harry Edward Styles" it said.. i just quickly looked through he's profil.. he had a lot of pictures.. almost all of them had a book on it.. i stopped on a picture of him and he's brother, he looked really happy, it was weird seeing him smile, he never did in school. he had the most amazing smile.. i completely falled in love with his cute dimples.. wait what was i doing? he was a nerd, someone i should never get involved with! Never.. a message popped up on my screen "heeey baby what are you doing?" it was from Laura.. "nothing really, why?" i replaid.. a little while later another message popped up "meet me at the cafe..". i closed my computer and quickly looked in the mirror.. "mom i'm meeting Laura at the cafe" i said and runned out of the door... we got a table in the corner of the cafe.. "what's up?" i asked.. "guess who just called me" she said and smiled big "i don't know.. who?" "Joe" "seriously?" i said "yes.. he want us to date again".. "ohh i'm so happy for you.." we talked in about two hours.. "Laura i'm sorry i have to get home now.." i said and took my jacket and purse.. "i'll see you tomorrow" i gave her a hug and then went for the door.. my mom had gone to bed when i got home.. i went straight to my room, i was so exhausted! i opened my computer again to check facebook before i went to bed.. a message popped up "look outside your window".. i went over to it and saw a tall figure in the dark, it was foggy outside but i knew exactly who it was.. Harry.
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