Planet X

*For the Movellas King and Queen Comp*
Pixie is a computer geek. But when she stumbles upon a website, it takes her through a portal to Planet X. Enjoying the freedom at Planet X, Pixie does not want to get home. As soon as Pixie misses her family she wants to return to earth. When the portal doesn't open she starts to worry. Will evil Klarg keep her on Planet X? Or will Pixie find a way to get home?


6. Meet Klarg

Meet Klarg. He is the evil creator of Planet X. Pixie hasn't met him yet and has no idea that Klarg was the one who made the whole Star Sign website. He made a plan, to lead Pixie to his planet. What Pixie doesn't know about Klarg is that he eats humans, so that's why he creates a plan to bring them to his island. He has plans that uses on every human. Klarg wants to take over Earth, and he thinks that this is the easiest way to do so, without realising how many humans there actually are.

Klarg is like a giant Zog. The only thing that makes him stand out is his size, and that he can talk, fluent Zogzanian, whereas he only trained the Zogs to speak English for when they become the humans (Once he's taken over Earth, that is).



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