Planet X

*For the Movellas King and Queen Comp*
Pixie is a computer geek. But when she stumbles upon a website, it takes her through a portal to Planet X. Enjoying the freedom at Planet X, Pixie does not want to get home. As soon as Pixie misses her family she wants to return to earth. When the portal doesn't open she starts to worry. Will evil Klarg keep her on Planet X? Or will Pixie find a way to get home?


12. Home, Sweet, Home

The whirlwind took her all the way back to the portal that she tried to open earlier was. Klarg goes pale, she'd found a way to open the portal, without using the keys. This shocked Klarg as even he did not know how to do it.

Klarg looked disappointed, when Pixie goes back through the portal- that was one mortal that he would not be eating for dinner.

With a thump, Pixie lands on her bed where, she was when she was busy counting to one hundred.

She looks at her clock- she had only been a minute! Maybe it was the time dimensions between the two planets?


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