Planet X

*For the Movellas King and Queen Comp*
Pixie is a computer geek. But when she stumbles upon a website, it takes her through a portal to Planet X. Enjoying the freedom at Planet X, Pixie does not want to get home. As soon as Pixie misses her family she wants to return to earth. When the portal doesn't open she starts to worry. Will evil Klarg keep her on Planet X? Or will Pixie find a way to get home?


2. Hard Times

As I said before Pixie isn't very popular at school... which led to bullying. It would help if she wasn't a geek. Also she didn't really stand up for herself, she let the girls say whatever they wanted to say.

The hard times had been happening all her life, really. Starting with her family. She has four older sisters, 18, 16, 13 and 12, as well as two older brothers, 16 and 14, leaving her the youngest in the family at 11.

They had never been very nice to her. Pixie hardly saw her mum and dad during the week as the both worked in London. So her siblings were never over the moon with baby sitting her. They found it fun, giving her a hard time. Smacking her, making her cry. Abusing her. Hurting her. Calling her names, her siblings thought it was funny.

But the girls at school were worse. Boys can be physical, which can hurt. Girls were spiteful, though, and can say mean and rude things about you behind your back, which often hurts more.

Her parents knew about it, but never did anything about it as they were weak characters. Although they did buy her a cat... and she named it Boris. To her siblings, this was basically Pixie asking them to make fun of the name. They found it hilarious- "Who on earth would call their cat Boris?" "Er, duh. Pixie would. Hahahaha! Lol."

Pixie just ignored them, and thought that she could just hide away on her computer, forget about the world, forget about everything. She discovered that she was wrong. Everyone needs to live life properly, not hiding away on a computer, or playing video games.

One of her sisters, 18 year old Becky, wasn't always rude. She had learnt from her mistakes, earlier on in the year and thought that the others were just acting very immaturely. She tried to help her sister out, by standing up for her and giving her advice. Pixie didn't care. Why bother when you've got a computer?

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