Planet X

*For the Movellas King and Queen Comp*
Pixie is a computer geek. But when she stumbles upon a website, it takes her through a portal to Planet X. Enjoying the freedom at Planet X, Pixie does not want to get home. As soon as Pixie misses her family she wants to return to earth. When the portal doesn't open she starts to worry. Will evil Klarg keep her on Planet X? Or will Pixie find a way to get home?


8. Fun, Fun, Fun

As Rosie was sleeping, Pixie started to think to herself. She realised that she's actually enjoying herself on this planet, much more than Earth.

It's just her, Rosie and the Zogs (Well that's what she thinks anyway).

Pixie wouldn't mind staying forever, as it's not like she would miss any one... Or any one would miss her, for that matter.

But if she left Planet X she would miss Rosie, and Rosie would miss her.

Pixie decided that she never wanted to return to Earth, to her home, to her immature family who made fun of her, and a sibling who tried to help and thinks she's helping when she isn't. To class mates who mock her, call her names, and make fun of her. If there was a contest of which planet was more fun, there was definetly a clear winner.

At least she could have fun on Planet X.

Or she could before she met Klarg, anyway.

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