Planet X

*For the Movellas King and Queen Comp*
Pixie is a computer geek. But when she stumbles upon a website, it takes her through a portal to Planet X. Enjoying the freedom at Planet X, Pixie does not want to get home. As soon as Pixie misses her family she wants to return to earth. When the portal doesn't open she starts to worry. Will evil Klarg keep her on Planet X? Or will Pixie find a way to get home?


9. A Contract

What Pixie didn't know was that Klarg was watching her every move, her every signal, her every breath.

He decided that he'd seen enough and needed to meet Pixie in person.

Klarg was in his secret hide out (AKA his shed) and called out in a booming voice ,"PIXIE... PIXIE..."

Pixie followed the foghorn sound and knocked on the door of the shed. She stepped inside.

"So, I know that you want to move in, to Planet X. Permanently," Klarg said.

"Well, yeah. What do I have to do?" Pixie asked.

"All you have to do is sign this contract, saying that you don't mind being under my control and you wont mind staying here forever and stuff. Oh yeah, one more thing. Once you've signed, the contract gets destroyed. This means the portal will be sealed shut for eternity."

Pixie thought to her self and asked her self how much she really wanted to do this, to sacrifice her family, to sacrifice everything really. Pixie came to her senses and realises the right thing to do is refuse to sign. This shocked Klarg; never had this happened before. Trust the Zogs to choose a clever one, he said.

Pixie told Klarg that all she wants is to be happy, she wants to go home. She could sort everything out with Becky's help but she missed her parents, and Boris.

Klarg kept her from going home. Pixie is close to tears, she turns on Klarg, jerked the door open and ran.

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