It was just a job, something that actually should have been simple. But it wasn't, I never expected him to be so... fascintating. But he was, and this whole situation is killing me and I can't do anything about it.


2. a thing for necks

With a deep breath, I walked over to the desk where a woman sat and looked at a computer, she smiled when she saw me.
“Alison Well…”
“Ms. Wellington… Mr. Griffiths is on floor seven and you just take the door to your right.” She said quickly without any interruptions or doubts, she probably said that a lot. I nodded and offered her a smile before I made my way to the elevator where a man stood to press the button for me, then follow me and once again press the right button… How can that even be a job?
As the elevator went up, I took a quick look in the mirror that was in it. I wore white skinny jeans and a black blouse, simple combination which looked more formal with the high heels on my feet. I might look confident about this, but I wasn’t. How am I supposed to make a famous popstar fall in love with me? I’m nobody.
The elevator stopped and the man held his arm out, gesturing me to leave it with a nice smile on his lips. I quickly looked to my right where it was a door with the letters R. Griffiths on it, I knocked on it lightly, hoping I wasn’t too late or too early.
Almost a minute went before someone opened, I was getting worried but the woman who opened looked nice and calm.
The office was huge, a view over London was seen through the big window on a wall. There was two big couches in a corner and a table between them. The desk where a man who was probably Richard sat was huge as well.
“Ah! Alison, just as beautiful as in the picture that your manager sent.” He said with a tone of sarcasm in his voice, almost as if he was just trying to amuse me. He wasn’t succeeding.
I gave him my sweetest smile anyways, “So… Uhm, I have no idea what to do.” I doubted, was I supposed to know?
“Oh, don’t worry. First of all, make a good impression on all of the boys, be as nice to each and every one of them. Then we’re going to make you very public with them, try to tweet a lot about the boys, take instagram pictures or whatever their fans are at… Make people ship you, if you know what that is.”
I nodded, letting him know I was with him.
“Then the whole relationship thing will go from there, so… If you spend enough time with him, it’ll be fine. He don’t spend too much time with girls since he tend to fall for people easily. He will try to avoid you but don’t let him.” He took his glasses off and placed on the desk in front of him.
“And also; this is Lou, she’s the boys’ hairdresser and she knows Harold the best except for the boys, so she will kind of be your guardian, if that makes sense.” Richard pointed at the woman who opened the door, she had bleached hair with a tone of purple in it, her hands in her back pockets and still that nice smile on her lips.
“Sounds good. So when are they coming?” I gulped.
Richard looked at his wrist watch, “They should be here any minute.”
Lou walked over to me and began playing with my head, I gave her a little strange look as she put it up in a ponytail.
“Haz got a thing for necks.” She whispered with a small smirk, I couldn’t help but grin as well.

About five minutes later, there was a knock on the door and the second later there were five boys in the room. One Direction. Even though I wasn’t a fan or anything, I was kind of fangirling on the inside, shit.
I shook hands with each and every boy, holding Harry’s hand a little longer than the others.
“I’m Alison Wellington,” I said with a smile, Richard stood up and didn’t even get a smile from any of the five. He’s probably not really that… Liked around here.
“Alison is your Diana, alright?” He said simply and the boys nodded, “And she’s a writer, I think it would be great for you to change your ways a bit and hang out with her, write some new songs and just… Get to know each other, I believe the video will be better too that way!” He smiled and gave me a quick glare.
“I hope you’re fine with that,” I let out a laugh, and tilted my head to the side and placed my hand on neck. Lou was right, Harry had a thing for necks. At least that was my impression when he couldn’t take his eyes of mine.
“We’re great with that, are you coming with us for lunch then?” Liam asked and raised his brows and looked at the watch on the wall, “In three hours.” He finished.
I nodded, “Can’t see why not.” A smile formed on my lips and then Richard threw his arm around me, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable.
“Since we’ve been looking for the perfect Diana for so long, why don’t we celebrate with some bubbly?”
Niall and Louis cheered, Zayn looked uninterested in his phone and Harry just agreed. Liam gave Richard a high five. Richard went over to a cabinet where there was a lot of different liquors and took a bottle of champagne out. I do not think they make this big of a deal because of a music video…
We all got our glass with bubbly and Lou took her phone out, “Picture time!”
She took a picture of us, me next to Harry and Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis on their sides. Richard stood behind me and Zayn as Lou took the picture.
“Let’s put that on twitter, shall we?” Richard grinned and took another small sip of his glass.


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