It was just a job, something that actually should have been simple. But it wasn't, I never expected him to be so... fascintating. But he was, and this whole situation is killing me and I can't do anything about it.


1. a publicity stunt

”We’ve got a job for you, Alison.” Michael grinned at me from where he sat behind his desk, “Both you and I get a lot of money from doing this, alright? It’s a quite… Different job, nothing to do with movies or a television show, it’s nothing like that, this is big. Huge.” He started, making me way too excited. I’m an actor, not a very famous one; just an extra and I hadn’t gotten a job for quite a while, so this was very interesting. But I knew it would be something very different since he called me in to his office and told me to be quick.
“I received a call from Modest! Management, they need an actor who isn’t that famous, someone beautiful that can take a lot of publicity and hate. I immediately thought of you.” He smiled nicely.
Me? Beautiful actor who can take publicity and hate, what kind of job is this..?
“Why is that required? Isn’t this a movie or something?” I furrowed my eyebrows.
Michael shook his head, “It’s… A publicity stunt.”
“I’ve never done that before.”
“I know that, but there’s a first time for everything… Now listen, I can’t tell you about the job unless you’re in, security reasons.” He explained and I took a few seconds to think, I was so interested, but still not sure whether I would want to do it or not.
“What’s the pay?” I asked and Michael smirked again, “Half a million pounds.”
My eyes widened, that’s so much money. Can I refuse that offer? It’s probably worth it, right?
“Fine. I’m in. Now tell me what the fuck I’m doing.” I laughed and so did Michael, he handed me a bunch of papers and a pen before he talked again.
“Like I said; a publicity stunt. A fake relationship to be exact, but the guy won’t know about that.”
I nodded and continued reading through the papers, I stopped when the name Harold Edward Styles was written in bold, saying that he’s the person I’m fooling.
I gasped, “I’m having a fake relationship with Harry Styles? I thought it would be some b-celebrity?” I scoffed at Michael, this was a huge job. Major publicity and hate… I couldn’t back out now, because of safety reasons, shit.
“Modest wanted someone who isn’t already that famous, that would be too obvious for pedestrians and Harold himself.”
I nodded, “Yeah, but how is this going to work without him knowing? And why is this necessary?” I was confused, Harry wouldn’t fall for a girl who isn’t already famous, or at least I don't think he would. 
“I don't know about the first question, but I believe they think it will improve his career and reputation, falling in love I mean.” He shrugged as if that’s all the information he got. I bit my lip, “What happens when the contract is over? It only says three months.”
“You break up with him… That would also improve his reputation, it shows that he’s not a player or whatever, I don’t know a shit about young adult stuff I’m old.” Michael laughed and then nodded at the pen in front of me, “Now sign so we can get you to work, Alison.”
I grabbed the pen and doubted as I signed the contract with Alison Wellington in cursive.
“I’ll let Modest know you’re in and you’ll probably receive a text with further information later this week… I’m just saying good luck, darling.” He winked as he took the contract papers back and put them in an envelope.

-Three Days Later-

We are pleased to be working with you, Ms. Wellington.
On Monday the thirteenth at nine am we are expecting you at our office where you will meet Harry and the boys for the first time. As a cover for your job, the boys will be told that you write songs and that you will be included in the video for the song “Diana” which will be filmed in three weeks from today. You will receive more information at our office on Monday.

Sincerely, Richard Griffiths


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