unexpected love // z.m

Marilia is the winner of X-Factor and she's making her way to success in music. One day, her world turns upside after she meets true love.. who's actually a millionaire. Read here to check out.


3. Stay calm...

Marilia's POV


We walked out of the studio and went to the little cafe at the corner of the street.

We found a small table, right next to the glass partition and admired the great view of the streets of London.

The waitor came and we ordered our drinks.

Harry broken the silence "So girls, we're really big fans of you!" he said.

"Thank you. We're really big fans of yours!" Maria replied and the boys smiled.

"Thanks. We forgot to congratulate you on your win on the X-Factor" Niall said and the boys cheered.

"Thank you!" Maria and I said in one voice.

I caught Zayn looking at me again, this time I decided to ignore it. I turned my attention to Maria but she was chatting with Harry.

Of course, Maria was very flirty. I rolled my eyes and slightly chuckled.

"So Marilia" I heard a thick british accent calling me. I turned my head and noticed it was Zayn.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Sing us something" he smirked.

"What?" I asked.

"Sing something" he repeated.

"Why?" I asked as a reply, growing the tention between us.

We were looking each other straight in the eyes, not moving an inch.

Maria noticed "Yes Marilia sing something" she said and hit my arm under the table.

I glared at her and sighed. All eyes fell on me.

"What song?" I asked.

"Your favorite" Zayn said and smirked once again.

I rolled my eyes and started singing "I Hate Boys" by Christina Aguilera.

When I was over, all the boys were looking at me in shock. All of them, except Zayn.

"How was that?" I asked him, ironically.

Everyone's attention turned to Zayn.

"Not bad.." he replied and Liam hit him in the head.

"That was amazing, Zayn!" he shouted and everyone burst into laughter.

I kept looking at Zayn who was still smirking. 

Ugh, that smirk. I wanted to punch him.

'Stay calm Marilia' I thought to myself.. Stay calm..


Thank you so much for waiting for so long. Stay gorgeous! xoxo

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