unexpected love // z.m

Marilia is the winner of X-Factor and she's making her way to success in music. One day, her world turns upside after she meets true love.. who's actually a millionaire. Read here to check out.


5. Phone mix-up

 A/N: hey loves, sorry for taking so long, enjoy! 


*Marilia's POV*   

I was woken up by the sound of my housephone.

I rubbed my eyes and picked it up.

"Hello?" I mumbled.

"Marilou! Hiiiii, we need to talk!" I heard Maria.

She sounded happy.

"What happened Mari?" I asked her while going to the kitchen.

"Harry!" she scritched. I giggled.

"Ooh, your prince charming" I teased her.

"Shut up!" she laughed. I laughed too.

"What about you and Zaynie?" she giggled.  

My eyes widened.  

"Maria, there's nothing going on" I said in a serious tone.

"Oh, did something happen?" she asked, clearly understanding my anger.

"He's an arse, that's what happened" I replied and took a bite from an apple I had just grabbed.

"C'mon, don't say that! He's a nice guy!" Maria said and I rolled my eyes. 

"Wasn't he your favorite anyway?" she asked.

"Yeah, whatever" I replied but she was right.  


Ever since I had found out about One Direction I had a minor crush on Zayn.  


"You still like him, I know you Marilia" Maria said.

"He just drove me home" I replied "Nothing will ever happen between us" I continued while taking another bite from my apple.

While sitting there on my kitchen counter I noticed that I was talking to Maria on my wireless housephone.

"Hey, how come you didn't call me on my cellphone?" I asked her.

"I did but you didn't pick up" she replied.

"What? Are you sure?" I insisted as I looked in my purse.

"Yeah, I called it three times, there was no answer" she said.

'How is that possible?' I thought.  


*Zayn's POV*  

I was sitting on my couch eating when I heard 'What Makes You Beautiful' playing.

It was coming from a phone and it surely wasn't mine.

I got up and searched for it but I didn't find it.

I continued looking and it rang two more times.

I finally found it on a table.

It was a black iPhone, just like mine. But where was mine?

I checked through the phone and I found a picture of a brunette girl.

I kept looking at her and then I realised, it was Marilia!  

Wow, she was .. gorgeous-



What the hell was that Zayn-

Did I just call her gorgeous?


No, no, no.


I shook my head at that thought and decided to return it to her.  


*Marilia's POV*  

"Maria, you don't understand! Who knows who has my phone now! It could be a criminal or something!" I yelled at Maria through the phone for the millionth time.

"Calm down, Marilia. No criminal has it, when was the last time you had it with you?" she asked.

"Umm.. yesterday at the cafe and at the car when Zayn br-" you stopped right there.

Zayn had the same iPhone you did.

"Marilia?" Maria asked.

"Zayn has it! We probably switched them accidentally in the car! He has the same phone" I said.

"See? There's nothing to worry about" she said.

"Okay" I said and let out a big sigh "Let me find Zayn's" I continued and started searching for the phone.  


I finally found it in my purse. It was actually his.  


Right about that time, the doorbell rang.  

"Hey Maria, wait a sec, will you?" I said to her.

"Kaykay" she answered in her sweet voice.  


I put the phone down and ran to the door.


I opened it and a pair of beautiful hazel eyes met mine.

I couldn't help but smile and the handsome dark haired boy standing in front of me smiled back. 


"Hey" he said in his thick accent.

"Hi Zayn" I greeted him.  



I just called him handsome-


I shook my head and looked at him again.  


"I think I have something that belongs to you" he said and pulled my black iPhone from his pocket.

I smiled "Yes" I ran back inside and grabbed his "There you go" I said and gave it to him.

I took mine back and Zayn smiled.

"Thanks" he said. "No problem" I replied.  


I looked into his eyes again and I found myself getting lost again.  


"Marilia..?" Zayn gave me a questioning look.  


God, I must have been staring for a while.  


I shook my head "Yeah, well, thank you for bringing my phone" I said while returning back to reality.

"Your welcome, so.. I guess I'll see you at the studio" he mumbled.

"Yes" I smiled

"Bye Zayn" I said.

"Goodbye" he replied while turning back to his car. 




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