unexpected love // z.m

Marilia is the winner of X-Factor and she's making her way to success in music. One day, her world turns upside after she meets true love.. who's actually a millionaire. Read here to check out.


2. One Direction

*Marilia's POV*


I was with my best friend, Maria, when we won the X-Factor. We were extremely happy, especially when we signed with Simon Cowell, with whom we're very close.

One day, he arranged a meeting so we could discuss about our first tour.

So we got into our car and drove to the studio (to the studio or whatever..).

As soon as we got out of the car, we were attacked by our lovely fans. We took many pics with them, we signed autographs and after we said our 'good morning's we went inside. Simon's secretary told us that he was waiting at his office with a 'special' surprise. We were very worried and nervous and when we got in his office we literaly died.

He was sitting at his desk with..

(hold tight)

(are you holding tight?)

(okay then..)

One Direction

My jaw dropped as I saw them. Their faces lit up as they saw us walk in.

We were frozen.

"You're here!" Simon said and pulled us in for a hug.

We couldn't move, we just stayed there looking at the 5 handsome boys infront of us.

Simon noticed and chuckled.

"So, girls.. I guess you know who these gentlemen are" he said.

We looked at each other and nodded.

They boys giggled.

"I'm Harry" the curly-haired one walked towards us.

"I'm Louis"

"I'm Niall"

"I'm Liam"

"I'm Zayn"

the others continued.

"I'm Marilia and this is Maria" I replied.

"Nice to meet you" Harry smiled.

I started fangirling internally and I know Maria did too.

"So, I brought the boys here because I would like you to be their opening act on their upcoming tour!" Simon said "What do you say?" he continued.

"YES!" Maria and I literaly shouted and the boys laughed.

"Thank you" they all replied.

I caught the dark-haired one, Zayn, looking at me intently.

He noticed and smiled, I couldn't help but smile back.

"You have the day off so you can get to know each other better" Simon said.

We all nodded and got out.

This is gonna be fun..

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