His Aggressive Love

Yuki and Hatsuharu are left alone in the house and things become quite different. Yuki has always hated Haru, but deep inside they love each other. They express their love differently. Although Yuki makes it seem like he hates him, he's a more reserved lover. Haru is more aggressive than Yuki.


1. Was That Real?

     Hatsuharu has always been aggressive towards me. Their is a really big possibility that perhaps he hates me, but then again, I really can't stand him either. His long luscious hair and dark colored eyes. The way his stance makes him look so tall and courageous . His voice sounds just amazing and suits him quite well. Wait, What am I thinking? Am I really thinking of Haru and blushing? Why am I blushing?!?! In that precise moment he walked in.

     There he was. Standing wonderfully before my eyes. My heart started beating faster. I could feel the rush of my blood moving faster, causing a violent pulse. I looked up at him and back down, avoiding any eye contact. He sat next to me and turned, "Hey where is Tohru?" I immediately looked up at him and barely let the words escape my mouth. "S-she went to work." I saw how his usual stoic face light up with a genuine smile.

     He moved closer to me. I could feel his warm breath caressing my neck like a leaf gently drifting through the air. I wanted his gentle touch, his love, his everything. He worked his way to me. Now I felt his every breath and the beat of his heart. I suddenly felt his warm and strong hand run and down my thigh, slowly moving higher. It felt so magical. I could hardly believe this was actually happening. He was gently holding onto me, his efforts of being gentle with his hands struck me. I tried to force my moan to stay within me but failed. I turned over to look at him, he slowly moved closer to my face, almost planting his lips onto mine.

     That's when I realized it. It was only a dream. I woke up and Haru was still sitting next to me. He had a mischievous look on his face. Not only was I sitting next to him, but apparently I had been snuggling up with him in my sleep. I immediately sat up straight, hiding my eyes with my bangs.

Haru: "Aww was poor Yuki having a nightmare?"

     He was mocking me. I know so. Was he capable of knowing? No! No... I don't love Haru, I love Miss Honda. I sat there thinking if I really did. I even began doubting myself. Do I really? I haven't really blushed around her lately. Now that I mention it, I haven't really felt those same sparks I felt when I used to talk to her or even see her. Is it possible that.. I really do love.. Haru?


And that's the first chapter everybody! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions , comments, concerns tweet me @SenseiSweet! I'd be glad to hear from everybody who reads this! Thanks for reading! Until next time!

~Sensei Sweet <3

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