His Aggressive Love

Yuki and Hatsuharu are left alone in the house and things become quite different. Yuki has always hated Haru, but deep inside they love each other. They express their love differently. Although Yuki makes it seem like he hates him, he's a more reserved lover. Haru is more aggressive than Yuki.


2. The shocking encounter.

My thinking was disturbed by a sudden shake on my shoulders.

Haru: "Mouse ate your to tongue?" he grinned at me.

I automatically snapped back at him.

Yuki: "I am a mouse.. Now quit mocking me!"

H: "You sad Tohru isn't here to cook for you?" he gave me his pouting face.

Y: "I can cook and fend for myself!

I rambled my way into the kitchen. I'll show him that I can cook on my own. I eagerly looked around for the items I needed, only to find out there was only leek left. I shrugged the feeling of disgust off. I walked out of the kitchen and to the door, where I was taking my slippers off. Once I was done putting my shoes I was about to leave, but I felt a strong hand tug at my wrist.

H: "Where are you going?"

I looked up and I found Haru.

Y: "To the market, I need to get so-"

I got cut off as Haru pulled in for a close and comforting hug. It gave me the weirdest feeling, but I was happy.This was the most physical contact we had made. I wondered if he was ok. He's usually so aggressive and distant with me, but now out of the blue he has become so tender. It just pierces my poor little loving heart. He gently caressed my back with his hand, it only made me want him more. Hi sweet scent made me never want to let go. That's when he finally spoke.

H: "Yuki, I've noticed you've been quite out of it lately. Just know that when you need anything, I'll always be here for you."

I slowly raised an eyebrow at him, trying to make my blushing unnoticeable.

Y: "What are you talking about? I'm fine."

H: "I know you're hurt that Tohru doesn't love you it's just.."

I slid the door open angrily and walked out. I yelled from the top of my lung as I walked away, "I'M FINE!!!!!!!" I had been walking alone for about a minute or two. Out of no where some hands held me and lift me up. When I turned I saw Hatsuharu.

Y: "Put me down this instant!"

I kicked, tossed, and squirmed, but I couldn't get out of his grip. He was beyond my strength. When I did stop budging, Haru put me down. I looked up at him angrily.

H: "I'm sorry I upset you with my comment."

Y: "Well you did! How many times do I have to repeat to you that I don't love Miss-"

I was shushed by him as he placed a single finger on my lips. I looked away with an annoyed face and flicked his finger off of me. I kept walking and he followed by my side... SMILING!



We have come to an end again! Sorry I cut you guys off. Wah, wah wah... But don't worry! A new chapter will be posted once a week! If not it'll be up Saturday or Sunday. Once again, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who takes the time to read this fan-fiction. It means a whole lot to me! If any of you guys have any questions or concerns, don't think twice to contact me on my twitter @SenseiSweet!(:
Lots of love,

~Sensei Sweet <3

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