His Aggressive Love

Yuki and Hatsuharu are left alone in the house and things become quite different. Yuki has always hated Haru, but deep inside they love each other. They express their love differently. Although Yuki makes it seem like he hates him, he's a more reserved lover. Haru is more aggressive than Yuki.


3. My Protector

Haru finally broke the ice cold silence that had build up. "Sooo... Where are we going?"

I shot a serious glance at him. "Market." I replied bitterly.

Throughout the entire way there, he didn't speak or let out any words. I walked through the isles of the store, getting my necessary elements. It was the usual , every time I gyrated a girl was looking at me. It wasn't pleasant, but I had gotten used to it. Everything seemed ordinary, up until I saw Haru's gaze focus on me heatedly.

Girl: "Excuse me, Is that the last pack of beef?"

I looked up at the girl hesitantly and nodded. "I believe so."

G: "Damn it. I really needed one."

I didn't oscillate to hand over the pack, but before I even handed it to the foreign body Haru swiped it out of my hands. I could feel the tension building up as Haru stared angrily at the helpless girl, making her feel like an interloper.Why was he doing that? I shot a serious face in his direction and he lightly blushed.

Haru: "Sorry, but that's ours."

Without letting me talk he pushed me past her. I mouthed sorry to her, but I doubt she'll ever forget Haru's intimidating fury. I managed to get everything I needed without Haru causing anymore problems. Through the whole walk home, the silence crept between us with an eerie feeling. As soon as we got home, I walked straight into the kitchen unhesitantly, pulling out every ingredient because I knew that around this time we would have already been finished eating dinner. Moments later Haru joined me. It came to a surprise for me, knowing that he hated cooking so much. He helped me peel and chop the vegetables for the beef stew. Cooking with him gave me a feeling as if we were a married couple preparing our meal together. I threw all the vegetables into the pot and I didn't know the water had already been boiling. The water splashed back up and landed on the upper part of my hand.

Yuki: "Aww Fuck!"


I yelled and winced in pain. Haru immediately stopped what he was doing  and rushed over to me. He pulled me ever so close to him and examined me. I could feel his body warmth serenading my body. He ushered me over to the sink and placed my had below the running cold water.

H: "Stay here."

He gave me a grim glare and like that he rushed upstairs.

I waited for him to come back down, he was probably gone for a few seconds, but to me it felt like an eternity. I couldn't be away from him for long. I longed for his warm yet cold personality, his passionate and intense stare that captivated me each and every time.

H: "Sorry I made you wait so long."

I stood there as he dried my hand. He picked it up and...


And... That is it for today my lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did! I'm sorry I took so long to update!!! I've been pretty busy with my personal life! *cough cough* Playing my dating sims games xD I'm sorry! I needed to advance in future chapters because I only had the next one. Anyways! I promise I will make it up to you guys! I will have the next chapter by friday!! So.. this week you get two chapters! YAY!!! I love you all and thanks for reading! Until next time!! Bye!!!

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