His Aggressive Love

Yuki and Hatsuharu are left alone in the house and things become quite different. Yuki has always hated Haru, but deep inside they love each other. They express their love differently. Although Yuki makes it seem like he hates him, he's a more reserved lover. Haru is more aggressive than Yuki.


4. Lustful Eyes

I stood there as he dried my hand. He gently picked it up and sucked on it.

Yuki: "W-what are you doing?"

Haru: "Um.... I heard it prevents irritation and increases blood flow?"

Y: "Suuuuure...."

H: "I-I mean it!"

Haru looked away and I could see that his face flourished into a shade of rosy pink. I smiled at him as he covered my hand with a tan colored gauze.

Y: "We might have to buy dinner tonight..."

I looked at him sadly, because I was eager about making dinner for him. I would have really enjoyed to see him eat my food, how he would react and if maybe that would change things between us.

H: "And let THAT go to waste? I don't think so Yuki Sohma! Sit down and I'll take care of everything, don't strain yourself."

I carefully sat on a chair and watched him glide effortlessly through the kitchen. After a couple of minutes the sweet scent of the food made its way to where I was, and it smelled delicious. Never the less, I felt bad that Haru got stuck cooking for me, knowing that I was well older than him. It didn't seem that I was older because of my height and according to everyone else, I had a child face. I didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or offense.

H: " Yuki are you-"

My stomach grumbled furiously. I watched as Haru's face lit up with a gentle smile and I nervously looked down. Out of all the time I was alone, my stomach grumbled now? It made me seem like a glutton to Haru.

H: " Well, that answers my question!"

With a light chuckle he walked off and disappeared into the kitchen. Moments later he came out with beef stew, rice, and curry. He set it on the table as well with some melon drink he had personally came up with. I'd never seen him cook, but the aroma filled my nostrils with delight and gave me a tingly sensation as my mouth watered up. I cautiously picked up the spoon with my left hand and took a few spoonfuls of rice. I caught Haru staring at me and he began to walk over to where I was.

H: "Yuki, you're making a mess! Why didn't you just ask for help?"

Y: " I don't need any help!"

H: " I don't need any help but watch me drop half of what I was going to put into my mouth all over me."

I hated when he teased me. Especially right now. I didn't want to put up with his usual banter. I stood up ready to walk away without excusing myself. Haru tugged at my arm.

H: " Where are you going?!?!"

Y: "Anywhere but here!"

H: "You hardly ate. I worked so hard on this meal I made for you so sit back down!"

Y: " No!"

I struggled to get out of his grip, but I couldn't. Haru now held both of my hands and it was hopeless to even try and escape. I could move all I wanted, but I wouldn't be set free. He pinned me against the wall and stared directly at me. His cold look frightened but captivated me, both simultaneously. It wasn't his usual stern and terrifying stare. In his eyes I saw love. Signs of affection and care.



Woooo!! Chapter 4 is here! Finally! This is by the chapter I had the most fun with! I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for updates and such. If you have any questions contact me here by dropping a comment of DM me on twitter @SenseiSweet . Constructive criticism is always accepted! Until next time my lovelies!!!

~Sensei Sweet <3

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