Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


2. Unexpected Visit



Natalies POV


I felt something hard hit my head, and I fell to the hard, concrete ground. I heard a girl yell at me "You fucking slut! He's mine!" as I also heard footsteps. "Oh my gosh, love, are you ok!?" Louis asks me. I ignore the tiny butterfly I feel surface from his angelic voice. I opened my eyes and looked at him, my head thudding. I get up with him holding my hands as balance. "Thanks..," I mumbled. I looked over and saw a high heel on the ground. Over in our direction walked a gorgeous girl with long, shiny legs and a heavenly face. I immediately felt insecure. "Hey Eleanor.. shit.." Louis said under his breathe, "What are you doing Louis, I want to get my coffee and I want to get back to the mall" the girl, Eleanor, growled. She picked up her heel and put it back on, and I felt anger sting inside me. "I'm helping the girl who you just-so-kindly hit in the head with your shoe, El." Louis sternly said. "Well the bitch was taking you away from me" she barked, tossing her bouncy brown curls behind her. I looked down at my shoes, and made the decision to go home. "T-thanks for the help, I guess.. you should go back with your girlfriend though. Theres priority in life, and I guess helping someone isn't one," I said ,"Bye." Eleanor smirked in my direction, and her perfect face read one message: back off. I started walking away and felt horrible. I crossed the street, not caring if I should get hit. I'm not envious of Eleanor, but it hurts to be called those things. I got it enough at school. I'm just hurt over and over, like a tidal wave is coming and I feel great but the wave hits me and I'm sucked back under by the horrid comments. 



Louis POV


"El, she needed help! She could have gotten concussed from your shoe!" I exclaimed, obviously annoyed by her inconsiderate attitude. "I'm sorry baby-boo" she muttered and kissed me. The same thing everyday. I don't hate Eleanor, but I don't like her. I just want to be friends, but management makes us have to be together. I groaned and left her to get her own coffee. I got into my car and the sound of thunder startled me.  I drive down the street when I see Natalie walking in the rain, soaked. I honked my horn to get her attention. As I expected, she looked over and a bit of a frown formed. She waved, hesitated, and kept walking. I followed her until she came to her flat. I watched her go inside and felt horrid. I went to her door and knocked. She came back, with her hair up now. "What the... Louis?" she croaked. Tear stains were on her face. "Whats wrong, babe?" I asked. "I-I'm fine" she hiccuped. "No, you're not." I retorted, and she had bags under her eyes. "Please go..." She trailed off as she looked behind me without blinking. "L-Louis..." She paused and I turned to look behind me but she pulled me inside with fear in her eyes and locked the door. She ran to the curtains and starting closing them. "No, no, no, fuck!" She whisper yelled. She turned off lights near the windows and grabbed my hand, taking me to her bedroom. "What?" I said. "Shhhh!" she smacked her hand over my mouth. I heard knocking at the door. "Natalie let me IN!!!" A mans voice boomed. "T-that guy... he was following me today. I couldn't see him, b-but he" she wiped her tears "he's my abusive ex, Lou!" she whisper-screamed. I felt panic pulse through me, and he knocked and yelled. "We have to leave, now!" I whispered back. "No shit, Sherlock!?" Natalie was panicking, and I could see her eyes watering. The pounding stopped, and she calmed down. Just as we thought it was okay to go, the door was busted down by a brawny male. "Get the hell out, Jake!" Natalie yelled. Her face was flushed and her hands were in such tight fists that her knuckles were white. "Excuse me? You're here with a guy from The Wanted whose probably using you as a booty call an-" I cut off Jake before he could finish."Natalie is my close friend, and I think you need to go before I get the authorities involved. By the way, I'm in One Direction, and The Wanted is a horrid group." Jake lunged at me, but Natalie quickly hit him in the groin and he broke down. We ran out of her flat together, fleeing to get away from that mess of a human being. Well, this isn't how I planned for this to go.

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