Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


6. Staying Over

Natalies POV


After the boys' and I got dry from our adventures in the pool, we all settled down in the living room to watch a movie. "The Purge?" I suggest, looking for anyone who seemed scared. The boys all nodded, but I could see Niall was nervous, so I knew I would sit with him. "I'll go make us some tea ok-" Louis' proposal was cut off by me, "No. You have done enough today. Sit your bum down and I'll make some tea and snacks." He looked at my, thoughtfully, and winked. I bit my lip and walked into the kitchen. As I heated up the kettle, I listened to the boys' conversation. "Wow, your girlfriend is awesome!" Liam whisper-shouts, making Louis giggle. "She's not my girlfriend. Yet. I want to get to know her better, rushing things won't help." Louis explained, "And I need to break up with Eleanor." That last part broke my heart. After all we had done together, Eleanor was still in the picture? I felt my heart crack a bit, and my stomach sink. The kettle screams, causing Niall to scream, and I giggle. I grab chips and cookies and bring out the tea as well. "Here you goooo!" I say as I pass out the tea to everyone. When I go to Louis, he sees the emotions in my stare, I know it. I lightly smile at him, "Here you go, butthead!" I teased, sticking out my tongue. I wriggled my way over to Niall and sat next to him. "If you're afraid of whats gonna happen next, ask me, I practically know the script for the movie." I whisper into his ear. He nods, and hugs me from the side. Halfway in, Niall is asleep on my shoulder, and Liam also passed out. "Harry!" I whisper, trying not to wake up the boys. "A little help!" I said, pointing to Niall. He nodded and quietly scrambled over, taking care of the dilemma. "Thanks, where do you keep your arts and crafts supplies?" I ask. "Down the hall with all the drawers, its labelled. I'll come with though." He replies. We approach the drawer, and I pull out markers and sparkles. "What's this for anyways?" He asks, clearly intrigued. "I'm going to draw on Niall and Liam, and I'm going to prank them as well." I mumble into his ear, giggling at the end. He smirked and nodded.  We entered the kitchen; Harry grabbing the hot water and I fetch the whip cream. We planned to use the whip cream on Niall, and the hot water on Liam. I nodded at Harry, winking. Slowly and quietly, I entered the living room, receiving excited and amused looks from Zayn and Louis. I pressed the knob, allowing the thick, sugary-fluff to release onto Niall. I carefully coated the rim of his face, and slowly began to inch my way toward the center. I didn't cover his eyes and nostrils, afraid of any problems. When I finished, I shot some whipped cream into my mouth, a satisfied smile appearing on my face. Louis began to snicker, and Zayn had to hold onto his mouth to keep it shut to stop laughing. I turned and saw Liam has peed himself, and Harry (using washable markers) drew a unibrow and mustache on him. I scampered outside and burst out laughing, unable to contain it anymore. "This was a great idea!" I said in between my laughs, high-fiving Harry. "W-What!?" I heard Liam scream from inside. I walked back inside, seeing him as red as a tomato. "Oh my..." He mutters, fleeing upstairs to change his attire. I giggle, and look toward my new best friend, Niall, who was still in a deep slumber. But suddenly, he awoke. "What's the craic?" He mutters, his voice groggy- but in a cute way of course. He goes to wipe his face, oblivious to the whipped cream, and yelps. "Who did this!?" He cries out. I sheepishly raise my hand, biting my lip. His expression softened, "Ah, yes we are officially best friends now, Natalie! And thanks for giving me food to eat, I was hungry- as usual." He says, earning a smile from me. I look over to see Louis glaring at Niall, jealousy burning in his eyes. "Hey Lou." I say, slipping my arm around his waist. "Hey Nat." He replied, smiling down at me. The memory of Louis still being with Eleanor resurfaced, making me nauseous. "You okay, love? You look a little pale." He says, making sure I'm okay. "Yeah- I just thought of something really weird.." I trailed off, giggling to make him think I was okay. Looking up at him, I saw he accepted my horrible excuse. "I'm gonna go home now... it's late." I yawn after realizing its 3 in the morning. "No, it is late, but too late to go home. Stay here for the night!" Niall offers before Louis had the chance, making me smile. "Sure. I'll stay on the couch.. I don't wanna be a burden to you guys." I reply. "No, take my bed and I can sleep there." Zayn offers. "Guys, why are you so nice to me?" I laugh, shaking my head. "I will sleep out here, it's fine. If one of you want to join me though, that's alright with me." I say. There's a chorus of agreements before the boys drag themselves to their rooms. I sit on the couch, and go on twitter. 'What even are you?' I saw tweeted at me. 'I'm a human. Thanks for checking up on me, pal.' I reply, chuckling. Then came in the swarms. People tweeting me terrible, rude comments. My heart began to break, as my past began to resurface. "Slut!" "Skank!" "Kill yourself, One Direction are better off without you, ugly brain dead whore!" All these things, drowning me, like a tidal wave. Before I knew it, tears were running down my face but I held back the sobs. "Why am I such a fuck-up?!" I whisper to myself. I continue to read, unable to stop myself. I shut off my phone, unable to speak. I laid down on the couch, sniffles happening here and there. "You okay?" I hear Niall say, shuffling over to me. "No." I simply state, my voice dry from my tears. He came over and hugged me tight, and I nuzzled my head into his chest. "Ignore the haters, Nat. You're too beautiful and good for them. They're just jealous." He coos, rubbing my back. "N-No I'm not. Im never good enough for an-nyone." I whisper into his ear. "Whats going oooon." Louis whines, slowly coming downstairs. His carelessness towards my feelings hits me hard. "Oh- no no no! Natalie are you okay darling!" He says, after noticing my current state. "She started to read all the hate our fans were giving her." Niall says, sorrow seeping through his voice. Louis picks me up and carries me to his room, placing me on the bed. He put my phone away where I wouldn't find it and wriggled under the covers with me. "I refuse to let you think of yourself that way. You're a beautiful girl Natalie, why, you're perfect in my eyes!" He sighs. I look over, shaking my head, "I'm really not, thanks for trying to make me feel better. Night Louis." I kiss his cheek goodnight, but the terrible comments were still swarming in my mind. 

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