Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


3. Real Talk

Natalie's POV

Louis and I fleed from my flat, away from Jake. We ran for about 10 minutes until we thought we were far enough. "If I can ask, why did he come to your flat?" Louis questioned. I looked at him and sighed, "We dated about 4 months ago unt I broke it off. The relationship was great and lasted about a year, but near the end of it he became rough and abusive. Since I broke up with him, he tries to get back at me, and he's been successful a few times." I held back the tears. I remembered all the times that he said that he loved me, and then threw me around like trash. "Oh Natalie, I'm sorry doll. I'm also sorry about Eleanor hitting you with her shoe. She's a stubborn mule.. I don't even like her actually, our management forces us to be together." Lou said, sighing afterwards. I smiled a little and he looked at me like I was crazy. I started laughing, and my eyes were tearing up. "Natalie are you alright?" He asked. "Yeah, I just can't keep this inside." I giggled. "You should go to bed, it's 10 at night, love. You've had a long day.... and now you're laughing at nothing. C'mon, let's go." He grabbed my hand and we walked to a nearby hotel, not daring to see if Jake was at my flat. As we walked, I realized that Louis really isn't that bad.

Louis' POV

As we walked to a nearby hotel, Natalie started talking, "I'm sorry for being a stubborn mule earlier, I just hate how annoying your fans are. Speaking of your fans, won't they see us together in news articles? Rumors will spread and oh my god I'm going to be bombarded with drama an-" I silence her by putting my finger over her lips. "Don't worry love, the paparazzi haven't even been around today, nor has anyone even noticed us together yet. Well be fine." She met her eyes with me and nodded. We arrived at the hotel she spoke, "Well-erm, thank you for all you've done today but you don't need to stay with me... I'll pay for my room and go unpack the rest of my stuff tomorrow." I looked at her like she was a psycho "No, Jake may return and who knows what he'll do to you. I'll pay for your room too, and I will join in helping you unpack." She smiled and nodded. She quickly turned to me and embraced me in a warm hug. "Thank you Louis... really" I smiled and hugged her back.

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