Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


5. Meet The Boys

Natalie's POV




I pulled away from the kiss, a grin appearing on my features. I look up to see Louis still taking it all in. "Wow.." he mutters, "That was.. amazing!" I giggled, a slight blush creeping onto my face. "In all honesty, I really don't want to unpack this shit... Damn it!" I whined, pouting my lips. "Oh don't worry babe, I know just the people!" Louis announces, proud that he could lend a hand. A few minutes later, Louis informs me that his band mates are coming over to help us. The doorbell rang, and we both scurried over to answer, but me being a klutz I tripped. "Fuck!" I cried. "Why do you always trip Nat?" Louis laughed at me. I playfully glared, crawled to the door, and unlocked it. "Welcome to," I pause to motion to my house, "this?" I greet. Niall laughs, Harry smiles, but Liam and Zayn walk in and get down to business. "Oh ya! I'm Natalie and I just moved here!" I explain. "Nice to meet you, you probably know who we are." Harry says. "How did you guys meet?" Niall interjects. I nod to Harry, and explain how Louis and I met. "Yeah, we don't like Eleanor either." Liam chimes, making me smile. 


-A few hours later-


​The majority of my boxes were unpacked, bless these boys! "Thank you guys so much, you are all amazing! Want to go grab something to eat?" I ask, eager to continue hanging out with these boys. They all nod, and we get into my car, even though it only seats five people. Louis is driving, Liam in shotgun, Niall, Harry, and Zayn are in the back, and I'm laying on their laps. I started to think about the past day. I used to hate these boys with a fiery passion, and now we're hanging out. It really scares me how easily I warmed up to them. "McDonalds?" Liam suggests, dragging me back to reality. "Yeah!" I yell, surprising the boys. "Finally you speak, you were like dead!" Zayn joked, causing me to giggle. "That tickles!" Harry and Niall both complain at the same time. "Jinx! You owe me- uh.. slavery for the rest of the week!" Niall roars into Harry's face. Harry, a disgusted yet playful look on his face, nodded. "Every time... I swear!" Harry mutters. We park, and I'm the first out of the car. "Come on you slow bums!" I whine, eager to eat my favorite food. "Slow down, partner!" Liam says in a mocking country tone. The boys and I all laugh, but I grab Niall and Louis' hands and drag them inside. The other boys, getting the message, scamper inside and recite their orders to the cashier. Lets just say that for McDonalds, it got pretty expensive. Louis tried to pay but I put forward my credit card. "You didn't have to pay you know." Louis says, taken aback by my gesture. "I always pay, I feel bad if I don't I guess." I say, biting my lip. Harry and Niall grab my arms and drag me to a table. "So, how do you feel about Louis?" Niall asks, earning a glare from Harry. "I really like him. It's weird to think I used to hate all of you because you're all so amazing and cut-" Harry cut me off, "Oh, so we're cute?" He wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed and lightly punched him. "I think you would be a cute couple, you and Louis." Niall pipes in. I blush, about to reply but our order number was called. I ran over and gathered our food. I laid out the boys' orders in front of them perfectly. "How did you even remembered who ordered what? I can barely remember my sisters phone number!" Harry exclaims. "I'm cool like that." I say, grabbing Harry's sunglasses and slipping them on, but shortly after I returned them to him. "Oh, well that's new news!" Zayn sarcastically states, and Liam smacks his head. I laugh and scarf down my food in around four minutes, before Niall finished! "Oh my gosh..." Zayn mutters. "That's impossible..." Liam whispers. "HOW DID SHE BEAT ME!" Niall screams. "We got the same meal too!" Niall cries. I giggle and eat his fries. "She's still going.... How woman, how!" Liam says, shocked. I grabbed Liam's sunglasses and put them on, "I'm too cool for school." I stated, trying to sound badass. To show how "cool" I was, I got up and strolled around, pointing at strangers and making flirty whistles with my mouth at them. As I returned to the table, I slipped on a napkin. The boys erupted in loud laughter, and I blushed a deep crimson. "Still cool though!" I yell. The boys finished their food, and we left. "I don't wanna go unpack more" Niall whines, and I high-five him in agreement. "Mall?" I ask, hoping they say yes. "Sure!" Louis says, deciding for the boys' too. We drove to the mall and went into the stores, taking photos in funny clothing. "Either buy something or get out!" The owner yells at us. "Shut up butthead." I mutter, smiling like an idiot. We all scamper out of the store and Niall and I lock eyes. We nod curtly to each other, and make a run for the arcade.


Louis POV


"She's so perfect for you" Liam states, getting a chorus of agreements from Harry and Zayn as Natalie and Niall take off toward the arcade. "I know.. I really like her. I can tell Niall's going to be her best friend too!" I laugh, smiling at the ground. "Louis come onnnnnn!" Natalie whined from the arcade. I could see her puppy dog face from here. I chuckle and run over. "Beyonce has arrived!" I jokingly announce. "No, I've been here!" She retorts. getting a chorus of "Oooooh!"s from the boys. She winks at me and smacks my bum, making me blush. "You're too cute when  you blush." She says, but she realized she said it really loud and covers her face with her hands. "Natalie and Louis sitting in a tree-" Liam started. "I will throw a chair at you!" Natalie says, blushing like crazy and smiling so big. My heart melted, and butterflies erupted in my stomach. "Lets play Just Dance!" Zayn announces, and we all agree and go to our stations. Natalie selects, of course, one of our songs to tease us: Kiss You. I started to jump and sway to the instructions, but I barely had any moves right. I glance at the boys, who were all struggling except for Harry of course. Harry is the master of this game, so he will probably win. The song finished and we compared scores. "One more than me, you're kidding me!!!" Harry wails as he looks at Natalie's score. She stuck her tongue out and teased Harry about it. She's so much like me, it's insane. It ended up being around 8PM so we decided to crash at my place that I share with the boys. "Let's play truth or dare!" Niall announces. "Fuck ya!" Natalie agrees. We get in a circle and play. "I dare Natalie to jump in the pool! FULLY CLOTHED!" Haryr devilishly dares. She curtly nods and runs outside and jumps in. "Its-s-s-so cold!" She cries out. Harry inched forward to help her out. "HARRY NOOOO!!!" Niall screams at the top of his lungs. It was too late- Natalie pulled Harry in! He resurfaced and we all laughed, jumping in. "Chicken fight!!!! Whoever wins has the other four people as their slaves for the night!" Liam and Zayn call out together. Natalie gets on my shoulders, Zayn on Liam's, and Niall on Harry's. We approached Zayn and Liam, and Natalie shoved Liam with so much force, even Liam gasped. He and Zayn collapsed and fell in the pool. Harry and Niall were a different story. Together they were taller than us, so they won. But when Natalie fell down, she grabbed Niall and brought him down with us. "First thing our slaves will perform for us... Go make me a sandwich!" Niall calls out. Natalie goes into the bar beside the pool, grabs a sandwich and brings it to Niall. "She's a keeper." Niall says to me, without a sign of humor showing. That's when I knew- Natalie was the one for me.


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