Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


8. Harry's Girl

*Natalie POV*

We get off the Ferris wheel; Harry's waiting outside of it for us. But he's not alone. He's standing with a girl, arms wrapped around her waist, kissing her cheek. "I never knew Harry had a girlfriend.." I whisper to Louis. He shrugs as we walk over to them, acting as if we weren't talking about them. We all make small talk, not really including Harry's girl in the conversation. We didn't mean to ignore her, she just didn't say anything in the conversation. She whispers something inaudible in Harry's ear, and he shakes his head 'no' at her.

"Are you going to introduce us?" Louis inquires, smiling at the nameless female.

Harry chuckles, rubbing the back of his head, "Oh yes, my bad. This is Erica. We've been talking for a few months, and today I've decided to make it official."

She smiles shyly, brushing her hair out of her face, "Erica Dayton. Nice to meet you."

I barely know the girl, but I go in for a welcoming hug. I could tell she wasn't that comfortable with Harry's fame yet, so I decided I would at least befriend her. Nothing's wrong with making new friends, plus she seems super nice.

*Erica's POV*

First, I'm being introduced to Harry's friends. Now, I'm being hugged by the girl as if she's known me for years. She looks like a super model, with her wavy, brown locks, and clear, glowing skin. I feel insecure just from looking at her. I hug her back because it would be a definite jerk move not to. Plus, I could use a friend besides my own boyfriend, Harry Styles. All of us walk over to the concessions stands and begin to order our meals. Harry and I share a shake and some fries, while Natalie and Louis order some deep fried Oreos and sodas. Harry and I play footsies under the table; Louis notices and starts laughing.

"They're playing footsies!!!" His loud chuckle could be heard for miles. It was slightly embarrassing, but it was sincere and cute. I can't help but blush as lots of people turn to look at us. Before we know it, were swarmed again.. Fangirls on fangirls.. Natalie and I make eye-contact and roll our eyes, both annoyed by the overly obsessive psychotic teens crowding our boyfriends.

"You'll get used to eventually," Natalie comforts me shrugging, "it's it's one of many struggles of dating a famous guy." She pats me on the back and we continue to plaster on fake smiles while autographing posters and items for fans. Although we aren't nearly as famous as our boyfriends; we are their girlfriends, so many girls admire us and apparently wish they were us.

*30 mins later*

*Harry's POV*

"Alright, alright," I say to the last of them, "you all are the last ones, no one else after. You see, we are here with our girlfriends.. We need our time with them too." I look over at Erica and Natalie. Louis nods in agreement to my statement. I finish up with the fans, saying my goodbyes and blowing them kisses. Without them, I would be nothing.

So I am eternally grateful. I walk up to Erica, lifting her into the air with a swirl, placing her back on the ground with a kiss. Louis and Natalie laugh. They say I show way too much affection in public, but I dismiss them with a laugh, "I gotta show off what's mine."

Even though I just made things official with her today, we had been talking for at least 5 months beforehand. I met her back in high school, and we've just had a connection since then. We have a weird relationship together. We're both super weird and funny, but we are a photogenic couple, natural-born celebrities some would say. I used to go from girl to girl, never settling. It's unlike me to want to date just one girl, I'm generally left unsatisfied. But not with her. I look over at Erica, she's messing around with her hair. It's a bad habit she has, but it's so cute. "Darling, leave your hair alone. You look perfect, I promise." I tell her, grabbing her hands and covering them with mine. She blushes, a slight peach tint, so I kiss her on the nose in adoration.

*Louis POV*

It's so weird for me to see Harry with just one girl, actually settling for just one. Part of me believes this is only temporary. But another part of me sees that the way he treats her is unlike any other girl he's had before. I realize I'm thinking far too deep into this right now. I'm at the fair with my beautiful girl Natalie. That's all I need to focus on.

We all decide we want to go to the beach as the final way to end the night. By the time we get there, it's around 9'oclock. I'm walking on the beach with Natalie, my feet sinking into the sand with every step. She's wearing my flannel which is a few sizes too large for her. Her hair taking on a new beachy wave texture from the ocean's salt. The only light shining down on us is from the moon and the stars. I walk her down the end if the beach towards the pier, while Harry and Erica start up a bonfire.

We reach the pier when Natalie stops me, "why don't we show more affection to each other in public?" She asks me, a frown forming on her face.

"I don't know babe. That's just not us. We can if you'd like, I didn't know you approved of that though." I ask, taking the blame for the entire situation.

"From now on, we should at least try to be a little more affectionate in public. I don't want anyone to get any ideas about our relationship." She decides.

"You're mine and only mine. No magazine article or gossip blog can change that." I kiss her on the lips, when a camera flashes. All the sudden 10 more flashes follow. Paparazzi. What a surprise. I glance at Natalie, and shes obviously uncomfortable.

We meet back up with Harry and Erica and sit around the bonfire. We exchange stories and sing some songs. The night ends quickly, well at least it feels like it did. Really it had been 4 hours; it was 1 AM when we decided to call it a night.

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