Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


7. Cater to One Direction

Natalie's POV

I woke up in the morning, looking at the clock on the wall to see it's 8AM. I look over and see Louis, smiling. I stroll to the kitchen, heating the stove. I began creating pancake mix and French Toast materials. Then, I grabbed some fresh fruit and let the fruit sit out. I began cooking the pancakes and French toast, and soon finished with 20 pieces of each. Then I started creating some bacon, and zoomed to the blender. I threw in milk, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, ice, and pineapple. I blended it and tended to the bacon. Don't think I forgot about those terrible comments- because I didn't. This was a "Thank You" for the boys since they helped me last night. I put the bacon on a plate and set the table neatly. Then, I placed the food in the center of the table, with toppings. I scrambled over to the smoothie and poured it into their glasses. I placed them on table. "3...2...1!" I whispered. "IS THAT... FOOD I SMELL!" Niall screams. Just as I predicted- and this will awaken the boys too! Niall sprinted downstairs and flew into his seat. He snatched 9 pancakes and 4 pieces of french toast, alongside that was 4 pieces of bacon. "Bless your heart, soul.. UHM.. cat? Just bless you for making this Nat!" Niall happily cries out. I giggle and pull out the boys' seats. The other guys pranced into their seats, giving me my que to cleanup in the kitchen. "Aren't you going to eat?" Zayn asks, getting a chorus of agreements. "I already ate, possibly enough to feed a nation!" I proclaim. I felt a pang in my stomach from lying, but I just wasn't hungry. I hand washed the kitchen-gear and put it in the drying rack. I walked out to the boys, clearing my throat to get their attention. "I'm catering to you all day." I say, not a hint of humor or amusement in my voice. "No, you don't have t-" Harry began to talk, but knowing what he was going to say, I interrupted him. "You bet your asses I am. You've done so much for me. Be ready to go out at 12." I say. It's 9AM, so they have time. "Where are we going?" Liam asks, but I just smirk. "You'll see." I replied with a giggle. I scampered upstairs, going into Louis' room to grab my keys. "Hey, I'm gonna go to my house for a few." I announce. "Pack a bag while you're there, we want you to stay over more!" Louis screams. "How many more days?" I yell back. They talk to eachother, and Niall replies. "Uhm... 3 weeks!" I let them know I'm leaving, and speed to my house. When I arrived I change my outfit and pack my bag. I pack my essentials: makeup, clothing, shoes, and bathroom supplies. I run back to the car, and head to the grocery store. I purchase Nialls favorite creme brûlée and go into my car. I race back to the house. You may be wondering why I'm doing this- If I leave the house, the boys always hide from me, so I'm going to make them come out by tricking them! "I'm baaaaaack!" I sing into the house. It echoed, showing I was alone. I knew they were all hiding from me, because I heard some shuffling and a few shushes from the other rooms. "Okay then! Since I'm alone I'll just eat Nialls creme brûlée!" I yell, running to the fridge. I pull out a spoon and grab the dessert. "Put down the crem brûlée and no one gets hurt." Niall says. I smile at him, and dig my spoon into the caramelized pudding. I stick the spoon in my mouth, a moan on satisfaction erupting out of me. "This is delicious!" I decree, eating more of it. Niall looked at me, and he actually looked hurt. "Aw Nialler, this isn't yours! It was a prank, yours is in the fridge!" I tell him, and his face lit up. "Yay! NATALIE ISNT A MEANIE YOU CAN COME OUT!" He yelled. They all came out of random places making me laugh. By now it was 10AM. "We need to arrive by 12. Get ready NOW!" I say, annoyed at them still being in their pajamas. They nod and go to their rooms. An hour later, the boys are all ready and we are already on our way to our destination. We pull up at 12 exactly "Perfect!" I squeal. "An amusement park- you're too sweet!" Louis says, squeezing me. I giggle and pay for our tickets. "Let's go on That!" Harry says, pointing to a large roller coaster with multiple loops. We agreed, but I could see Zayn was nervous. "It's ok, sit with me." I whispered to him, and he nodded. We were up front and Zayn was very anxious. "It's okay," I said, intertwining our hands (In a friend way of course!) "Squeeze my hand when you're scared." I said, kissing his cheek. He thanked me, and hugged me. The ride began, and Zayn has a blast. "LETS GO PLAY THE GAME WHERE YOU SHOOT WATER AT THE TARGET!" Louis screams, grabbing my hand and dragging me to a seat. I paid for the game and aimed my gun at the target. "Ready- Go!" It sung, and I immediately began shooting. A few seconds later I won, and the boys' looked at me like I was crazy. "Louis always wins that.." Niall whispers. I turn and see Louis awestruck. He nodded his head to the boys, and they left us alone. "Louis, where are they goin-" I began to ask him but he ran off. "I can't believe they'd just run off like that." I whine to myself. I started to think that they really didn't like me, and that this was a great way for them to ditch me. Those thoughts made my eyes gloss over with tears, and I tried to blink them away. "Nat, I bought you cotton candy- your favorite!" Louis says, tilting my chin up so I made eye contact with him. Concern was written on his face. "I thought you guys left because you didn't like me.." I muttered. "Like we would ever! We love you!" He cheered, picking me up while I was eating the cotton candy. The sun started to set, and Louis took me on the Ferris Wheel. Once we arrived at the top, Louis looked at me, gesturing for me to look down. I saw a flash mob, people holding signs that spelt saying "Be Mine?" I grabbed Louis and kissed him hard. "Yes!" I squealed. We smiled, our foreheads touching, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He was the one for me.

(A/N: sorry it's short, I didn't have a lot of time to write!)

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