Its Everything About You

Natalie couldn't fall in love, or even think of it without bad memories of her past. When a gorgeous-blue-eyed boy and her meet, she immediately gets butterflies, but second guesses them the moment they flutter. Can these boys fix her? Will her past ruin what could have been a beautiful love?


1. Café Issues



            Natalie's POV


     I walk out of my new flat, too tired to unpack anymore of these boxes. I decide to stroll around town to find out about where I'm starting new. I walk down the sidewalks of London, the wind piercing my skin with its iced touch. I turn a corner and see a small cafe, and decided to go get a coffee. As I enter to cafe, the sweet aroma of coffee hits me and easily relaxes me. I ordered a salted caramel mocha in the end and sat down. I look outside, the white skies making me tired. I suddenly see a bunch of girls running around, screaming outside the cafe and rolled my eyes. I look at the door and see a boy, moderately attractive, being swarmed by-average age I'll guess, what, 12?-girls asking for autographs and pictures. I rolled my eyes, once more and tired to ignore their screeching. I'd never be like that to any celebrity, even if I loved them that much. I looked at this Oh-So-Amazing-Man, note the sarcasm, and immediately recognized a member from One Direction and was disgusted. I grabbed my mocha and went to the door, obviously annoyed, when someone grabbed my arm. "What do you want" I snapped and turned to see who was there. Obviously, you can guess who! That annoying ass singer. "Calm down love, where are you going in such a rush" He smoothly said, ignoring his fans. Wow. "Well, I'm trying to get to somewhere quiet, away from your swarm!" I growled. He looked a little perplexed that I wasn't freaking out over him and being a little sweet-heart or some poop. "Well love, I'd love to see you again" he smiled. "If I never see you again, it'll be too soon" I spit, and shoulder away from him. God, he probably believes everyone is head-over-heels for him! I open the door and hear him try to tell me something when something hits my head really hard. All I see is someone's shoe on the ground before I completely black out. 


Louis' POV


        I enter a small cafe as my fans rush in, screaming for autographs and asking about rumors. I just went on with my business, ignoring their screaming, but I did eventually take some pictures and sign some autographs. I look around the cafe and see everyone trying to ignore this mob, and to be honest, if I was them I would ignore this too. My eyes land on this beautiful girl with long brown curls in a big sweater, who can't ignore the crowds' noise. She looks at me, and irritation and hatred glows in her eyes. She abruptly gets up and scoots her chair in, grabs her phone and coffee, and walks out of the cafe. I lightly grasp her arm "What do you want" she snapped, and turned to look at me, unimpressed. "Calm down love, where are you going in such a rush?" I ask calmly "Well, I'm trying to get to somewhere quiet, away from your swarm!" She growled. I was confused because she didn't try to hit me, I mean she looked pissed off. "Well love, I'd love to see you again" I smile. "If I never see you again, it'll be too soon" She spits. Ouch... I see her push open the door and i see something fly in the air "Watch out!" I yell to her but she shoulders her way out of the crowd and stops in her tracks as a shoe with a sharp heel hits her head, and completely falls to the ground as she goes unconscious.



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How is the story so far? Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks for reading xoxo)


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