suicidal dreamer

what hapens when alyssa falls for one of the boys and they find out her dirty little secrets and try to stop her from doing things she will regret but will she let them stop her


3. umm help

( this is alyssas eye at the concert when shes in the closet and crying enjoy )


i just let my mom kick and hit me she left to go back to the bar thank god i took a shower i cut when i got down i put makeup all over my face and body put a tight dress that hugged my bodie i grabbed two bags and packed them for like a month then went out the window i walk and found a cab i got is and said to take me to a concert i won tickets too the other day over the radio well this sould be fun i finally got in they took my bags for me i chilled in the front row then dicided well might as well explore i was looking for the bathroom when i ran into a girll she was very pretty " im so sorry  didnt mean to bump into you  are u okay " i questioned really quickly " of course the boys bump into me all the time u okay " she questioned back "ya im alyssa and i was looking for the bathroom would u know were that woule be ...." i trailed of hoping to get her name " im elanore and ya just follow me " she said she took me to a room and then to a door in the room witch was the bathroom " thank you " i answered back " ill be right here if u need anything k " el said " alright " and with that i used the bathroom when i was done washing my hand i walked out to her making out with a boy so i slowly went back into the bathroom " im sorry you can come out alyssa " she screamed  i slowly came out the bathroom " hi im louis " the boy that was snogging with her said " well hi im alyssa " i replied " hold on a sec ally u dont mind if i call u that do you " louis asked " no not at all and alright " i answered he pulle dout a walkie talkie and said " boys come here there is somebody i would like you to meet " we waited like a second before an answer of  " can we bing the girls " came back  followed by two " ya's " and a " your making me feel like a loner " i giggled " yes of course you can bring the girls " louis replied just then a guy wo had a shaved head came in with a very pretty girl with nice curly brown hair " hi im liam and this is daniella you can call her dani though " said " hi im alyssa " i replied then a guy with a black quiff and a girl with purple hair walk in " hello im pierrie and this is zayn " she tells me as he is to busy on the phone then a curly haired boy that comesin before i could tell them who iam bue he comes in with a girl that has beautiful brown strait wavy " hi im harry and this is alexis "he said " well hi im alyssa " just then another boys comes in i let out a little huff indicating this is a lot of saying my name they all laughted but when i saw the boy who just came in we locked eyes his beautiful blues with my dull dark drown ones his blond hair that i would want to put my fingers in while i felt his nice plump looking lips on mine i snapped out of my daze as the laughing died down " hi im alyssa " i said quietly while looking down " well hi beautiful im niall " he said i blushed when el pushed me foward onto him he caught me and i was probley looking like a tomato i stood up and look at el giving her the really-are-you-freaking-kidding-me look " well it was nice meeting you guys but im gonna go sit back in the front row ill see u after the concert i have back stage passes bye guys " i said as i was walking for the door " bye " they all screamed as i left i was walking down the hallway when a guy grabbed me saying " there you are kiara we were looking for you your gonna be late for the rehearsales " he said dragging me down  the hall " no no you got it wrong my name is alyssa im here to watch the concert not be in it " i told him " oh then what are you doing back here no fans are aloud back out here " he asked " i came to used the bathroom and now im going back to my seat " i answered " no your not theres a punishment for girls like you " he said ask he throw me in a closet " now stay there " he said as he locked the door and walked away " umm help " i yelled 




well thank u lovlies if ur reading coment if you liked it and bye gtg lol bye love you <3


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