suicidal dreamer

what hapens when alyssa falls for one of the boys and they find out her dirty little secrets and try to stop her from doing things she will regret but will she let them stop her


5. popping questions


( alyssa this was her at the concert when they hugged ya know cause the hair and eyes lol enjoy )



   ( niall's pov )


okay so the concert was fun but now we have to do a meet and great im sooo tired but anything for the fans. im really looking foward to seeing alyssa i told paul to go get her so she can sit with the girls so when she got here we hugged and she was about to walk away i wisphered we need to talk she nodded to me and went with the girls.we greeted fans for about 1 an a half hours omg there was alot of them they were really nice well except for the occasional B you know. now i pull alyssa aside and

ask her what her emotion was when her hair turned orange and your eyes are purple/yellow

i really dont know why did  my hair change colors i didnt notice and my dad told me once that it was part of a myth that that ment love why ?

because i hugged you and your hair and eyes changed to those colors 

she got up and started walking out  

WAIT i called out to her 

why so you can make fun of me i knew i shouldn't have talked i wish i could go back oh shit my mom she ran away from me 

bye Niall i love you i'm not running for the reason you think i am bye 

and with that she was gone 


( Alyssa's pov )

i got my bags and got a cab and when i got home i snuck into my room hoping mom wouldn't here me when i heard her coming i throw my bag and changed into bed wear i layed in bed soon tobe pulled off by my mother while shes scream at me and how i'm such a whore and shit i let it be she kept hitting i just kept pretending to be in Niall's arms when she finished and left i put cover up over everything and went to sleep i was out like a light 


( Niall's pov )


i told paul to look her up i had to spell out her name and shit then when we found out she lived only like 30 mins away from the arena we all went to bed and would go visit her in the morning 


morning rolled around we all got ready to go see if alyssa's mom will let us take alyssa on tour with us please say yes we go to her house and hear a yelp but we knock and an older woman who looks to be drunk and in her 40's answered the door " yessss " she slured 

umm i was wondering in someone by the name of alyssa lives here 

ya my slut of a daughter of course yo whore come here you got some guys here 

this lady must be out of her mind i tough to  myself wtf 

who is it mom alyssa says coming down the stairs 

one of your men duh slut 

alyssas hair turned blond and her eyes turned orange shes mad her mom slaped her and screamed go back to normal u dumb ass hoe 

her eyes grow lighter and her hair turns black she sad i run it and hug her paul grabbes her mom while liam calls 911 i just stay there with the girls around me hugging alyssa i was gonna cry but alyssa wasnt she just sat there 

alyssa are u okay i question as they take her mom to jail 

ya this is a daily thing that was nothing im covered in bruises 

i looked around for some didnt see anything but on her face wear she was just hit and a couple bruises i wiped some makeup off her face and saw more and more bruises shes not okay they leftand we took alyssa with us and drove away on the tour bus 

i love alyssa shes just perfect 

alyssa can i ask u something 




lol sorry cliff hanger ya ya i know i havent updated in forever i was locked out my profile but now that im in im here to update away for my couple of fans and sorry its short but

 luv ya and keep reading ill update when i can so mabey thursday or friday ~ Tatyana Martinez Luv Ya xoxo 








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