suicidal dreamer

what hapens when alyssa falls for one of the boys and they find out her dirty little secrets and try to stop her from doing things she will regret but will she let them stop her


4. Niall?

I completely change with emotion my dad use to tell me i was special cause my hair gets darker my eyes get brighter what do i do im stuck in a closet with no body there to help me oh god help " help " i wispered one last time banging on the door i layed back in the closet with my back to the wall and cried when the door opened " niall ? " i asked quite shocked 

Nialls POV 

i just couldnt get my mind off of that alyssa girl the boy are teasing me along with the girls ughhh i walked out done with all this crap i went to go see how the dancers were doing since were going on in about 20 minutes i walked past the hallway closet when i heard a light "help" and light banging on the closet door i slowly and unsurely opened the door scared of what might be in there my god i feel like im in a horror movie but the second i heard weeping and a sad small 'niall' come out in alyssas voice i practically throw the door and swept her up and out the closet but it didnt look like alyssa she had alyssas facial features but had dark hair and blue eyes " whats your name sweetheart " i asked as she looked so fragile " alyssa why you dont remember " she responded i gasped and just brang her back to the room were the girls and the boys were " who is that " liam asked concern on his face " alyssa " i answered comely i sat her on the sofa and when you looked at her her eyes were now half blue half brown with green in the middle  and her hair the top was black and the bottom was brown we watched with amazment she looked down gettin self consences her hair was now fully brown whenshe covered her eye still looking down  ( like in picture above but with brown hair from cover photo :P ) " whats wrong " i wispher she held her finger up indicating to give her a moment " my eyes are they brown agian " she said looking up at me and they were but brighter than last time and i love them " ya but how did -" i was cut off by her saying " i dont know how i did that but i was born like that that when i get upset my hair gets darker and my eyes get lighter when im normal im like this when im excited my eyes turn hazel and my hair turns brown with blonde highlights and when im mad  my eyes grow orange and my hair turns blondemy dad use to tell me i was special tull he ya know died "her hair began to turn black agian " its okay and that is so cool see i knew you were speciall deep down im my heart "i said in her ear while i hugged her her hair turned back to brown then to orange and her eyes turned a purple/yellow i wonder what that ment but i was about to ask when paul barged in saying " boys your on in 5 lets go " i got up and so did alyssa " were u going " i asked " to my seat silly " she answered back oh ya i laughted at myself " well see u after the show " i yelled as she walked away " yup bye ni " she screamed back as she disappered i cant wait tull the concert is over 



omg that was a lot in that little bit in the next chapter youll know to more emotions because shes special  and is niall falling head over heel for  her and is she falling for him well i cant update over the week only on the weekend when im at my grandmas cause we dont have wifi at my house so im so sorry but ill update next week love you guys who are reading kk bye lovlies ~ Tatyana Martinez xoxo <3

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