suicidal dreamer

what hapens when alyssa falls for one of the boys and they find out her dirty little secrets and try to stop her from doing things she will regret but will she let them stop her


2. all about alyssa

yes that is me alyssa rosario i am bullied in school always called emo. i had friends tull my dad died in a car crash and my mom became and aloholic and abusive. im a goodie goodie at school i never talk but the always teachers pet never in trouble and perfect school recored. i love music i sing but thats only when i sneek out the house cause if i sing while my mom is home shell hit me and tell me how bad i was.but not the point i listen to music like pierce the veil black veil brides blood on the dance floor 3OH!3 theory of a dead man sleeping with sirens ect.i miss my old life and yes i do cut and sometimes think about death but for everybody to be happy thats what needs to be done ' BAM ' shit my moms home gotta go bye



so what did u think of the first chapter comment back bye luv ya if your reading bye lol <3 ~ Tatyana Martinez xoxo




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