Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


9. Surprise!

Kaitlin's POV: Justin smiled and grabbed my hand dragging me into some cab 

  J: I can't believe I found you!   

K: Justin what are you doing ? Why are you here? Why a-

J: I'll tell you once we get to where we gotta go...   

Ring ring ring 

  K: It's my dad  


Phone Covos:


D:What happened to you?!

K:I'm fine honestly I don't even know ill be home later promise! 

D:Okay love you sweetie be safe

K:Love you to bye  


J: Can I see you phone 

K: Why?

J: Scooter deleted it from my phone 

K: Maybe that was for a reason...Justin take me home....

J: Kaitlin, not until I show you how j feel about you! And I won't stop trying. 

K: Justin its jus-

J: Where here close your eyes 

K: I'm no-

J: Close em  


I hovered my hands over my eyes and waited impatiently...I heard the door open and Justin picked me up...  


K: whoa there bud...   He set me down 

J: on the count of 3 open....1....2....3..open!  


I removed my eyes revealing a run way and clothes...I was a but confused at first.  


J: I remember you telling me you've always wanted to be in a high end fashion show...so here you go...makeup is waiting in the back for you  


I smiled and gave him a big hug  


K: Omg thank you...!

J: Were not done yet !  

I smiled and ran to the back...sure enough the makeup lady was  waiting  for me and the other models were there to. They ran up to me and  shrieked when they saw me  

Models: Your Justin Bieber's girlfriend!!!! Ahhhh

K: Girlfriend??

M: yeah isn't this why he's doing all this for you?!

K: we're friends I guess you could say...  


Justin's POV: I was sitting by The stage...waiting for it to fill up with people...my phone vibrated in my pocket I pulled it out and looked at the caller Id...scooter I clicked ignore and clicked Instagram I started taking selfies for my Beliebers when people started filling in....  


Kaitlins Pov: The runway show ended and I was about to change and head back out to find  Justin  when the lady pulled me aside  


L: Miss?

K: Ah yes?

L: you have a dress waiting for you in the makeup room as so your stylist...

K: a stylist...me?

L: compliments of mr. Bieber 

K: ohh  


I walked down the hall looking for the makeup room again, sure enough there was a stylist dress and a makeup artist waiting for me.  


MA: welcome Kaitlin, Ill be doing you makeup. Greg over there will be doing your hair and your dress and shoes are waiting for you over there.  


The stylist spiral curled my hair and Greg made my makeup smokey and mysterious. My dress was midnightish and I walked in the mirror....Actually impressed of what was reflecting back to me  

L: *Couch Couch* Ah miss, Mr Bieber is waiting outside

K: Oh right, thank you!  


I took one last look, and grabbed the clutch and walked down the hall way....Girlfriend?  


A/N Updateddd...Yay The more you guys comment and like the more I get inspired to write so keep it up!! <3 (:

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