Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


4. Stay away!

Kaitlins Pov: I started walking over to Justin when Scooter ran over

S:Kaitlin were leaving in 5 you should get on the bus...

J: Oh no, I called her over here shes riding on my bus...

S: Well Kaitlins got some costumes to finish up, maybe another time Justin

J: Let her relax Scoot, she does an amazing job 24/7

K: Ah dont fight, ill leave


S: ill walk you, I was just heading down there anyways

That was a really weird conversation, walking to the bus was kinda awkward, I just kept my head down, neither of us said a word until we arrived at the bus

S: Kaitlin, I dont want you to feel like I dont want you hanging around him, it just well that...Hes sorta girl crazy you know....I dont want you to wind up in that, get hurt, and we loose yah!

K: Yeah, Sure, I completely understand....

I was looking at the ground again playing with a rock, I was actually sad Scooter didnt want me to hang around him...Wait what am I saying why would I care?!

S: Well I'll inform him that we've talked and that hes not to mess with you...

K: Great, thanks

I was getting really sad about this, was I not even to look at him...? Could I get fired? All because Justin Bieber...Scooters right, Hes just girl crazy, hes a jerk just like my friend said, why was I even talking to him!


Justins Pov: I can't believe Scooter did that! And now shes probably getting her head ripped off because of me! I peered through the blinds; she kept her head near the ground and got on the bus...Scooter was approaching my bus, so I quickly closed the blinded and grabbed my phone


*Knock Knock*


J: Come in

S: Look Justin, I know your kinda girl crazy right kn-


S: Justin....after the whole sel-

J: Dont say it!

S: No I will, so maybe I can knock some sense into you! After the whole Selena breakup you went with Kelly broke up with her, than Jenna, and now Kaitlin?! 

J: No, not kaitlin!

S: I understand you maybe went out with them to get feelings out/back, but we dont have time, budget, another amazing fashion designer, and more heartache for that on this tour!

J: I only dated them, because....I thought....never mind. But Its different with Kaitlin, when I see her smil-

S: I dont want to hear it! Stay away from Kaitlin!


Scooter walked out, I was beyond pissed! I slumped on my couch and turned on the T.V


A/N Quickly updating you guys! Are yall liking this story?! Im going to try to update one more chapter tonight! <3 yah (:

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