Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


12. Starting off the day

Next day

Kaitlin Pov: Justin went to a hotel last night...hes supposed to come back to my house so we can see whats up...It was about 8:28...I forgot to charge my phone so I got up and connected it to the charger and grabbed my laptop...I sighed into Facebook and twitter...Facebook was taking 400 years like it usually does..so I clicked on the tab with twitter...I scrolled up the wall, and went to Justins account...Last tweet was 8h ago..."Im sorry to everyone I disappointed but I will make it up to you trust me, but I couldnt let this one go...It was important, I had to do what I thought was right!" Geez, I probably got 47 million beliebers mad at Justin...


Justins Pov: I opened my eyes slowly and stretched, with the sun entering my eyes. I yawn and sat up...I went over to my cell, and dialed Kaitlins number


K: Hello?

J: Good morning Beautiful!

K: Morning.

J: Im just getting up, but ill be around 12 ish...

K: Sounds amazing

J: See you soon!

K: Ill be here


I clicked end and headed to the shower...I had to go run a few arrons before I see Kaitlin...


Kaitlins Pov: I ended the phone call and headed back to my laptop to justins tweet...I favorite it and closed it. I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of leggings and an over sized sweater.. Then I grabbed a towel and headed to my shower....


Dad Pov: 


Knock Knock Knock


I walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole..It was the bieber kid...I snarled and opened the door


J: Oh hello sir!

D: Bieber...

J: Is kaitli-

D: Shower...

J: oh-

D: Look kid...I dont hate you, I just dont want to see my babygirl hurt....She came home crying last night....shes been hurt to many times and she dosent deserve it! Her mother died about 2 years ago....and her last relationship....he was abusive...so promise me something....Just dont hurt her!

J: I had no idea she was crying..oh Im so sorry sir! I never want to hurt her ever!

D: Good, then come watch the game with me...

J: Whos playing?

D: Cowboys and Gaints

J: Cowboys!!

D: Now thats a boy with good taste! Hmm Steelers or Colts?


D: At a boy!


Kaitlins Pov: I finished up and did my makeup and hair....Then I grabbed my phone and my north face and ran down stairs to get my riding boots and a snack....I ran downstairs seeing a figure sitting next to my dad


K: Justin?


Justins Pov: I turned around to her...She looked so beautiful!! I smiled and clicked out my daze, watching her...She was putting on those brown riding boots ive seen everyone wearing


J: haha yeah...

D: Geez Kaitlin you take 4 years...

K: Dad!! I didnt know he was here!

J: I didnt mind waiting

K: Let me just grab a snack and we can head out

J: Were going out...Dont worry about it...

K: okay


She smiled and closed the fridge she walked over to her dad and kissed his check

K: Bye dad love you

D: Be good


We walked out and she closed the door behind her,Leaving us both on the porch


K: Hey Justin?

J: Yeah?


She reached up on her tippy toes and her lips touched mine, I picked her up and picked her up on my shoes...enjoying the kiss, I ended it, grabbing her hand and pulling her to the car I rented


J: Stand here, eyes shut!


I ran to the backseat and grabbed out the purple roses and ran over to her


J: Okay on the count of three...1....2.........3


A/N Sorry it sucks....I have so many test to study for and 3 projects before winter break next week...but hope you enjoyed <3 (:

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