Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


8. New York?!

Scooters Pov: I woke up, yawned and stretched, I decided to go talk to Justin, maybe now that hes cooled off. I walked over to his bus and knock I waited, waited, and waited finally I figured to just let myself in.


S: Hey....its scoot


S: Aww come on Justin




I walked into his room, he wasnt there or anywhere on the bus, I walked off and walked around the arena to find him, but Justin wasnt usually up until 11....I saw Dan and figure maybe he'd know


S: Hey Dan, quick question

D: Yeah man?

S: You seen Justin?!

D: Nope not since last night....

S: Yeah thats what I was afraid of....but thanks


Where on earth was he?! I pulled my cell out and dialed his number, it rang and rang


S: Come on Justin pick up.....


I tapped my foot on the ground impatiently waiting for him to answer


Phone convo:

J: Hel-


J:....ah New York...


J: Yeah I cant talk I got-


J: Bye!




Justins Pov: I found out where Kaitlin lived from her file, but now I just needed to find some way not to get seen so I could find her


Kaitlins Pov: I arrived home about 18 hrs ago...I was upstairs and I figured I just unpack my bag, I flung it over on to my bed and unzipped it, I was pulling my makeup bag out, when the receipt to Starbucks came out, I uncrumbled it and smile at the memory, then recrumbled it and threw it to my trash can making it in, I was about haft way finished when I decided to take a little break...I jogged down the stairs and saw my dad watching football, I smiled and continued to the kitchen....I opened the fridge...hmmm I spotted a green apple, my favorite apple, I went to grab the peanut butte-




K:Ill get it dad

D: Thanks huh


I jogged to the door and open it, I instantly dropped the apple and my mouth hang wide open with shock


K: Justin?! 


A/N Sorry its short, but I felt like it needed to be for this... But I hope you enjoy <3 (:

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