Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


6. New Fabrics

Kaitlins Pov: Its been about 2 weeks later...Ive put the whole liking Justin down the drain I guess...We have still been sneaking around from scooter, I love spending time with him...But it just seems wrong im disobeying my bosses orders.....I walked in Justins dressing room to give him leather pants and shirt, freshly steamed...He smiled and gave me a hug and of course he still couldn't get the shirt over his head I walked over about to put is shirt over well we both just stared into each others eyes...We both starting leaning in... We were about to kiss...I couldn't let it happen...I promised Scooter...and I also promised my self. I shock my head and then grabbed his arms and pulled the shirt over...

K: I ahh I gotta go

J: Aww why! This might be our only chance to hang today...

K: Just text me...Gotta go...


I quickly ran out the room and stopped by the corner from the room, I had my phone clutch to my chest and toke a breath of what almost happened

S: Hey Kaitlin, you alright?

K: Yeah yeah, great ahh fantastic, never better!

S: You sure, you seem kinda jumpy...

K: Just...I...ah...Oh...I just received a call about a new fabric ive just ordered...Im so excited to work with it!! 

S: Right...Well im going to tell Justin we have new stage exits

K: Have fun


Oh my gosh...I could have been in there....Geez see this is what I mean...I..we can get caught and I just cant risk all that! I pulled my phone from my chest and texted him



K: Hey Justin, after your show could you meet me somewhere, anywhere, we need to talk

J: Side door, back of the arena.

K: gotcha!


*After the show*

Kaitlins Pov: I was waiting impatiently for Justin, I kept looking at the time on my phone and starting tapping my leg.



I jumped when he said that from popping up around the side of the wall

K: Gosh you gave me a heart attack! Well I know you, we gotta go but I want to tell you really quick I do-


Justin grabs my faces with his strong hands and smashes his soft lips into mine...


A/N What do you guys think? what do you think happens next?! Hope you enjoying!!! <3 (:

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