Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


5. Liking Bieber?

Kaitlins Pov: It was about 2 days later...I haven't gone near Justin and he hasnt gotten a chance to get near me...I was packing the trunks to go in the buses I walked out to the side of the arena rolling the trunks, out of nowhere I was yanked...I went to scream but someones hand was over my month...The lights turned on reveling Justin, he slipped his hand away

K: Are you crazy!

J: Well I wanted to see you...

K: Well how about come talk to me like every normal person does?

J: I cant Scooter...

K: Speaking of...Wont he get mad, if he finds us in here?!

J: Thats the thing he wont find us

K: Justin...The bus leaves any minute...the trunks are outside and if the only two people missing are me and you, then dont you think he'll know

J: Give me your phone

K: Its not with me...

J: What?!

K: Its sitting outside on the trunk! 

J: uh..oh...whats your number

K: About that...I just got a new phone I dont remember the number yet...

J: AH...Jeez Kailtin.....

K: Sorry, I didnt know I was going to be yanked into some closet! 

J: Okay, Im sorry, Its just I really lik- needed your number so I could talk to you...

K: Well let me slip out...Then you go out, my phones sitting on the trunk, Ill go talk to Greg...About helping me load and you put your number in and ill text you okay....

J: Good plan!

K: Okay, well Im going give me like 2 secs

I was heading to the door to sneak out when Justin calls me

J: Hey katy

K: Yeah?

J: ahh never mind...


I went out, the trunk of clothes was still there...I saw Greg talking to Dillard...I ran over to him and  told him I needed help loading...I turned around and noticed Justin run around the corner...pshhh...thats over


*2 Hours later*


Kailtins Pov: I fell asleep on the bus, I woke up and remembered I needed to text Justin so he could get my number...I searched through my contacts and Bingo I found it named under Swaggy Biebs....How did I know he put something like that... I remembered when we were in the closet he called me Katy...How'd he know my nickname though?


I texted him: "Hey how'd you know my nickname?"

"Ive heard Greg call you that once..." He replied

"Oh so you've been es dropping Mr.Biebs"


We were texting off and on until we reached the airport. We bored the airplane  I sat at the other end and Justin sat up at the front...Scooter sat in the middle....Of course...Justin was still texting me and now sending me these weird but hilarious pictures...We arrived in Maine...Scooter told us we had 10 mins to get anything or use to restroom, etc. I was walking to just get back on the tour bus when Justin text me to meet him up at the little Starbucks coffee. I walk until I saw the little starbucks logo and Justin

K: How do you know Scooter wont show up here.

J: This would be the last place he show up, he hates coffee! You like coffee?

I turned to the cashier and requested 1 vanilla bean frappe with 2 squirts of raspberry then I turned back to Justin

K: More like Love.


We went walking around the the airport, sipping our coffee, He was telling me all these funny storyies about when he was little, I kinda went into a day dream and I realized he wasnt such a jerk...He was kind...But I couldn't keep disobeying Scooters orders...I looked at the time on my phone and turned to Justin, stopping what he was talking about

J: And then my mom said I-

K: Justin, Ive got to get going, well "we" have to get going. I had fun and your family seems hilarious! 

J: Oh right, I forgot, Well my moms coming on the tour next month maybe you can meet her....

K: Yeah...maybe


He seemed disappointed that we had to stop talking, we walked opposite ways to our buses, I turned around to see Justin he had thrown away his coffee and stuffed his hands in his pocket with his head facing the ground... I turned around and kept walking and the thought sifted in my head again


I like Justin?


 A/n Hope you like!! 

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