Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


2. Kaitlin Huh?


~7:52 a.m~

K: Bye dad, love you, ill see you soon!

D: Kaitlin wait hug sweetie

K: Oh right


I squeezed my daddy tight, I wouldn't see him for a good year or so, I inhaled his sent and a little tear formed in my eyes

D: Ill see you soon Pumpkin!

K: Miss you dad!

D: Miss you to now go on before you miss your flight!

K: Love you!


I wiped the tear and was out the door, TOUR HERE WE COME


~Airplane Station~

S: Hi Kaitlin?

K: Hi Scooter and yes Kaitlin but most people just call me Katy

S: Katy it is, follow me

K: Okay

S: Alright now our first destination is California so mostly every place we go everyone meaning Justin, all the dancers, backstage workers, you , etc will be on the same plane, once we land we will split up in to, two buses and we will show you which one

K: Sounds great....

S: Fantastic


~On the plane~

*1 hr or so later*

Katy's POV: I cant believe I have to be on every plane ride with him and there's gonna be like 14 hour plane rides urghh, is  he staring at me, real polite, wheres my phone?!

Justins POV: Who is she? She's gorgeous...hmmm I wonder what her na-


S: Hey Justin, flights over in 10 so be ready!



Katy's POV: The arena was so big and beautiful it brought back memories of when I was so into singing, but I quit that dream once my mom died....

Justins POV: I walked in to my dressing room, wow I turned around to look at everything, then I saw her walk by, I ran to the door when I saw her picking out outfits for what looked like the dancers, why cant she pick out my clothes?! Hmmmm


J: Yo Scooter

S: What man?!

J: Whats that girls name?

S: What girl?


We both peered out the door way and I pointed to her


S:Oh her names Kaitlin or Katy, why you ask?

J: No reason

S:Justin, don't, let her be!

J: Who said I was?!

S: The look on your face!

J: Okay well anyway whats her job here?

S: Shes is the stylist on this tour, she's the BEST OF THE BEST, so don't screw it up!

J: Well why isn't she styling me?!

S: Well as you can tell your clothes are already hanging up, now get ready your up in a hour...


Justins POV: Kaitlin huh?


A/N The first couple of chapters will be kinda slow...until things start moving along..haha...I hope you guy Enjoy this story and I will TRY to update 1 or 2 chapters a night! XOXO




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