Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


7. Bye bye kaitlin

Kaitlins Pov: There was some spark there....We were kissing, I was kissing Justin Bieber, No why does this keep happening, I cant loose my job, I cant lie to scooter I wouldnt, I wasnt. I pushed Justin off and he had a look of shock and disappointment, I stared down at the ground


J: Hey, look I want you to kno-

K: Ive told you this, I, we, this, cant happen! I promised Scooter and I promised myself...I wouldn't let it happen, I dont want-

J: Kaitlin

J: Im sorry Justin, I cant...


I walked out, I barely knew this kid, Sure we text but its only been 2 weeks, hes got the worst rep for dating, and I was told this is the game he plays with all of them, Im not being the next player to this game. I was kinda hurt, because I did indeed like Justin....I went on avoiding him the rest of the night, I had Scooter give him his outfit and lied and said I had a bunch of clothes to steam. He still texted me about 500 hundred times....Luckly Justin couldnt just come up and talk to me...I hopped on the bus while we headed an hour away to the next destination, I went out and looked around, and then got into steaming his clothes quickly...Trying to avoid all contact possible, I steamed his clothes and got them in there before him. When the concert was over...I went to go get on the bus....But I couldnt keep doing this...I grabbed Scooter to talk, I explained to him how I felt and whats been going on, also that I couldnt stay. He was sad that I had to leave, I grabbed my bags and hugged him


S: Are you sure theirs nothing I can do, to make you stay....

K: I wish, but its just- I have to go....


Justins Pov: I turned around the corner sweaty and all talking to Dan, I spotted scooter hugging Kaitlin and walking her to some car, he was putting bags i-, and then I realized, no no no! I dashed over there screaming to get their attention




Scooter ran up to me holding me back





The car pulled away...and everything was quiet....I stopped screaming and stood there almost in tears


J: Why would you do that?! IT WASNT HER FAULT IT WAS MINE! You didnt have to fire her!!!!

S: Justin, I didnt fire her, she left....

J: Whaa- Your lying, she woul-

S: She did, its over now....I told you, you should have left it alone!


S: Justin dont be ridiculous, Yall havent even gone on one date, let alone have real conversations.

J: AND WHY, BECAUSE YOU WOULDNT LET ME MORE THAN A FOOT FROM HER AND THATS ALL LIES, we talked around starbucks in the airport because I knew thats the last place you'd be, we text all the time, and WE KISSED!


J: It wasnt her fault...She kinda pushed me off.....But...We did!

S: Give me your phone now!

J: No im 19 years old....Im not giv-



Scooter snatched the phone from my hand, and did some typing


S: Dont you contact her again, you've hurt and put her through enough!


He handed me my phone back and I discovered her number missing through my contacts, I bit my lip and slammed my phone on the bus....I need Kaitlin....


A/N TWIST....KAITLIN LEFT WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?! #CLIFFHANGER haha sorry its kinda short but I hope yall enjoy and like it <3 (:

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