Hold Tight

Kaitlin Is a 18 year old stylest on the Justin Bieber tour...She wasnt that excited to be touring with Justin because she thought he was a totally jerk! Read more to find out! (:


11. Bad turned to wonderful turned to bad....

Justin Pov: About 1 hr later, I finally got to the front of her house after running out of the venue and getting caught by a bunch of fans...I then had to run from the venue to her house...I ran up to her door sweaty from running, my hair was all crazed out, my eyes as puffy as putty paint, I reached the door and banged leaning on the door for support


Kaitlins Dad: Oh so your the Bieber kid....She request not to see you...ever

J: Sir, She dosent understand, Please

KD: Kid, Im sorry, her wishe-


I pushed past her dad and ran upstairs, with her dad high on my tail I looked in to each door until I got to the last


Kaitlins Pov: I cried the whole way home, I didnt tell my dad what happened just that I didnt wish to see him...My eyes were bloodshot red from cryings and my makeup smeared so I got in the shower, I had just gotten out and got into Pjs, Then taking a towel walking out of my bathroom to my room scrunching the water out my hair, When someone bust opens my door


J:Kaitlin! Please like me talk to you!! 


Still in shock about whats happening I stand there in shook admiring his face, noticing his blood shot eyes and messy hair...escaping back to whats going on, I snarl and turn away trying to find something to keep myself looking busy with, He seemed to be waiting for an answer so I turned back around to him..


K: Justin..

Each hand came to the sides of both my checks rushing/ and force like, his lips smashing into mine, with his eyes directly on mine...

J: Tell me you dont feel something when we kiss...?! Kaitlin I cant keep acting normal without you, I know I probably sound crazy because were not even dating and I know so little but when we kiss, I just know I want you in my arms every night by my side! Ive never EVER went to these limits for a girl..But ill go to any for you.... Your not a screw over....No girl is!


I went to go speak...Or even try to get some words out, everything was happening so fast...my phone rang...I walked over to it,,,it was Scooters number


K: Hello

S: Is Justin there?!

K: Funny you should say...Hes here now


Justins face got bright he started signaling his hands no...I looked at him and signaled back in I got it....


S: Kaitli-

K: Scooter, thanks for the concern but Im a little busy

I clicked end, smiled and chucked it on my bed, I then walked over to Justin and kissed him


Dad: Uhhh?


He had his arms wrapped around me and we broke it kiss both looking at my dad


K: Oh right, Daddy its okay, This boy means well...

D: Alright....Ill ease out....


He gave the "Im downstairs look" to both of us and walked out...Of course im 18 and my dad still thinks I should keep the door open with guys in my room...


J: So does this mean you forgive me?!

K: No....

J: Huh?!

K: Im kidding....

J: Oh....That doesnt fly with Bieber...

K: Waa- Justin scoped me up and tossed me on the bed, and started tickling me


J: No way!!


He continued to tickle me when he stopped, hovering over me....


J: I forgot to ask I breathed heavily and tilted my head giving him the confused face

J: Will you be my girlfriend?

I grabbed his face and kissed him, he stopped mid-way through


J: Is that a yes?


I nodded and the biggest smile grew upon his face he scoped me up bridal style spinning me around...knocking over a few things in the process...I laughed...But yet again my cell rang...Justin stopped and laid me back on the bed looking down at my cell...It was scooter, He grabbed before I could give the "no" signal.


J: Stop calling Kaitlin....And stop trying to keep her away from me....Ill be back in Chicago for tomorrows tour WITH Kaitlin...bye!


Justin put my phone on the bed and came hovering over me again kissing me, half way through I had to stop him


K: Justin...

J: What..Whats wrong?!

K: I cant go...

J: Cant go where

K: Back on tour...

J: Yes you can...


I got up and grabbed my laptop and clicked the keyboard....I then logged on to twitter and then waited till I found the picture...I turned my laptop around to him.


J: Im confused? Its a picture of a girl?

K: Not just any girl...Your new wardrobe stylist...

J: Wait what?

K: Shes been talking pictures with all the staff and posting them...all your Beliebers have been going crazy trying to get her to tell them their users to follow them...I saw it when I was in the cab home....Scooter replaced me...

J: Hes doing this on purpose....


A/N Justin and kaitlin are finally an official couple! Whoop whoop! its about 4 am here but I really wanted to update you guys so sorry its kinda short but here you go! (: <3

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