The prequel to the war


1. watched

"Margi where are you" I yelled. we were playing hide and seek in the palace garden silence "c'mon marg we're gonna be late for our lessons" "fine" she said walking out from behind a bush I had just checked. I gave her a questioning look but didn't bother asking knowing she would say it was her 'powers' that let me just say aren't real. There are no mystical powers in either of us she's just little she'll grow out of it, I hope.

(At lessons)

"Excuse me miss but why are we learning math when we could be learning how to run our parents country" asked Margi. Ugh why can't she just be happy we get lessons?

"I'm sorry your highness this is what the king and queen asked me to teach you" said miss Caroline

"Asked or ordered?" I said

She kept teaching, without answering. I smirked but she looked terrified. She is about my age probably given to my family to work off her family's debt to the throne.

"Ok your highnesses it's time for lunch" said miss Caroline. Margi immediately ran to the kitchen. "Why are you scared?" I asked "I'm not" she said a bit to quickly. "You're lying, you're terrified of something" I said. "I'm not scared, now go eat your lunch before I tell the queen you won't eat and are pestering me" she said. "Wow getting a bit snotty are we"I said "I sorry ma'am please just let me be" she said she looked even more scared now "I'll forgive it this time but why are you scared?" I asked "you're not going to let it go are you?"she said sighing "nope" I said "ugh I can't tell you" "why not?" I said. She then got a piece of paper and wrote your parents are monitoring me it would be unwise to say anything bad about

" fine then don't tell me " I said walking off

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