Hagrid and the beast.

The tale of Hagrid when he was 11 until he was expelled. Sorry about grammar and spelling mistakes.


5. The sorting ceremony

Hagrids P.O.V 


We all walked into a chamber.There in front of me stood a short stubby woman she had jet black hair pulled back in a ponytail.She wore knee length robes with a very old hat perched on her head. "I am Professor Blackas, in a minute  you will walk into the Great Hall and you will put the sorting hat on your head then you will be told what house your in. 


Nervously I walked in the Great Hall with all the other 1st years, just before a table at the front of the hall was a stool with a hat that had lots of patches on it. Then Professor Blackas as called out "Dolittle Elsa," A girl with waist length red hair walked up slowly and put the hat on her head, her blue eyes shone in the candle light. Suddenly the Sorting Hat shouted "Slytherin"  A table on the far left erupted with applause.She speed walked over and sat down. "Mearywether Seala," She ran up to the stool her long black hair bouncing as she ran she, slowly moving her hair to show her green eyes just then I heard  the hat shout "Gryffindor!" "Nichol Bailey" Bailey was very tall girl with long honey blond hair and greeny-blue eyes. The hat barely touched her head, before it shouted "Gryffindor!" "Hagrid Rubius" I slowly walked up and sat on the stall " Very hard" I heard the hat say "Gryffindor!" I ran over to the Gryffindor table and sat down. 


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