Hagrid and the beast.

The tale of Hagrid when he was 11 until he was expelled. Sorry about grammar and spelling mistakes.


2. Ollivanders

Hagrids P.O.V

The only item I needed now was my wand. I ran down the rest of the way to Ollivanders,when I opened the door I saw an old wrinkly man standing behind the counter "well well who do we have here?" Ollivander said 

"Hagrid" I replied slowly

"try this wand" said Ollivander 

I gave the wand a swish and 5 boxes fell of their shelves.  "Not the wand for you then," said Mr Ollivander.He handed me another wand that was quite swishy i gave it a wave and there was a connection between me and the wand. I gave Mr Ollivander 7 galleons and then I went home.

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