Hagrid and the beast.

The tale of Hagrid when he was 11 until he was expelled. Sorry about grammar and spelling mistakes.


1. Hagrid goes shopping

Hagrid was a very  tall boy with matted dark wavy hair, yesterday he got his acceptance letter to hogwarts. Today he was going  to Diagon Ally to get his school books and other items. When he walked into Flourish and Blotts  there were books everywhere red books black books even invisible books. Hagrid took out his list it read: 

Standard book of spells grade 1 , 

100 herbs and  magical fungi,

 A history of magic ,

A Beginners guide to transfiguration, 

Magical drafts and potions,

The dark forces:A guide to self-protection, 

Magical theory, 

 Fantastic beasts and were to find them. 

Hagrid bought all the books for  a total of 12 Galleons. Then hagrid went to Wizard Care Wizarding Equipment. he spent over 10 Galleons.He didn't need  to get a pet because he had a pet spider Aragog. 




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