Hagrid and the beast.

The tale of Hagrid when he was 11 until he was expelled. Sorry about grammar and spelling mistakes.


8. Defence Against the Dark Arts!

Hagrids P.O.V 


I entered the classroom all the seats were taken so I sat in a row of 4 at the back with Baily Nichol a Gryffindor with honey blonde hair and bluey green eyes, on her right was Seala Meanarywether a Gryffindor  with black hair and green eyes but on my left was Elsa Dolittle a kind looking Slytherin with waist length red hair. As the Prof. wrote on the board Elsa introduced herself "Hello, Im Elsa nice to meet you!"  "Hi, Im Hagrid!" I replied a tad too loud. "STOP CHIT CHATTING!" screamed the Prof! This was the start of a wonderful friendship with Elsa and a hate for the Prof!!!

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