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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


35. What the hell happened?


Aurora’s P.O.V


”Jenny” I called from downstairs. My voice was still shaking from all the crying. I prayed that she was awake, I just needed comfort. The door was open so I know she was here. “I’m upstairs” she yelled back, at least she tried. Her voice was weak. I sprinted up the stairs and towards her room. I shaped in a deep breath when I recognized my brothers worried face.

“Are you okay?” his eyes widened. I nodded, running my hand through my hair. Why was he here? And right now?

“You’ve been crying” he walked over to me and took my face in my hands.

“Yea, uhm” I started. “I was worried about Jenny” I said. That was a great excuse.

“Well you sure were worried. It looks like you’ve been crying a river.“ Ashton pointed out.

I nodded and locked at Jenny, she didn’t believe me. Her face, she was worried.

 “Are you okay?” I asked and bit my lip, forcing a smile on my lips. She nodded, a bit unsure. She was just staring at me. She knew something was wrong even thought she was pretty much wasted.


--------- -----------


“When are you leaving again?” I asked Ashton as we stepped into the living room. We hadn’t been talking at all on the way from Jenny.

“Don’t change the subject. What happened?” he stopped me before I could walk up the stairs.

“What do you mean? Nothing happened” I lied.

Ashton shook his head. “You keep lying Aurora. Why can’t you stop?” he asked frustrated.

“You know, I know exactly when you’re lying. You can’t ever hide it” he yelled.

“I’m tired Ashton, I want to go to bed” I sighed.

“No, Aurora. You’re telling me what happened at that party! You can start by telling who’s party you two went to, on a freaking Monday!” he kept yelling, flinched. I was too tired to even keep my eyes open.

I closed my eyes and sighed. If I told him I went to Steve’s party he would immediately know that something happened between us.

“It’s not that important Ash, nothing happened.” I yawned. “Can I please go to bed?”

“No, you’re not going anywhere before you tell me. If that means that I’ve to keep you awake all night, then we’ll be sitting here.” He huffed and sat down on one of the steps on the stairs.

I decided that if I at least wanted dome sleep I should just go ahead and tell him who’s party it was.

“It was Steve’s party” right after the sentence left my lips I sprinted up the stairs.


I blocked out Ashton’s screaming as I slammed my bathroom door shut and locked it.


Jenny’s P.O.V


The next morning was hell, literally! My eyes were barely even open, my mouth was dry; which meant I needed something to drink. My head was pounding as hell and my body was weak. I could hardly stand by myself.

“I’m glad I stayed with you yesterday. I think you would’ve rolled down this stairs now if I wasn’t” Jake laughed as he helped me downstairs. I let out a sarcastic laugh at his “funny joke” towards my weak body. As we made it down the stairs without ending at the hospital I started worrying. Aurora. Yesterday when she came by my house crying, what the hell happened? 


---------- -----------


This chapter was short and it sucks. I'm sorry!!

But tank you for reading it,

I really love every single one of you!

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