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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


12. So happy


Jenny’s P.O.V

”Wake up, wake up, wake up” I felt someone shaking me gently. I opened one of my eyes and saw Luke sitting beside me.

“Lukeee, why are you waking me up?” I whined, turning my back against him.

“You’ve to wake up” he said tapping my back several times.

“No I don’t, it’s Saturday, no school” I said.

“Aurora called you and told me to say that you two are going bowling instead of golfing tonight.” I smiled, YES.

“Well ok, now leave me alone and let me sleep.”  I said, pulling the cover over my head.

“Luke pulled them down again. “She told me to say that you two are going out shopping too.” I growled.

“O K Luke. Now leave me alone.” I buried my head in the pillow.

“She also told me to-“I cut him off and sat up. ”Ugh, I can’t sleep anymore now, I’m wide awake.” I slide out of the bed and slipped on some grey sweatpants and a blue t-shirt. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Luke knocked on the door. “Are you mad at me?” he asked though the door. “No” I answered simply back.  I washed my face and brushed my teeth before I opened the door again. Luke was still standing there.

“It seems like you’re mad” he said and followed me as I walked past him and downstairs. “Well, I’m not” I said taking a bowl of cereal.  


Aurora’s P.O.V

 I woke up by my hunger. I was really hungry. I slide my legs out of my bed and letting them touch the cold floor. I put on some black sweat pants and a pink tank top. I headed down stairs and saw Ashton turning off the stove. He had made pancakes, I smiled and tiptoed across the floor and jumping on his back. He screamed and I laughed at his girlish voice. I jumped down and chuckled. “I could’ve burned myself.” He breathed out.

“No, because I made sure that you had taken a few steps away from the stove” I said and took a seat at the table.

Ashton had covered the table with two plates and a cup of tea to both of us.

“You didn’t have to make this Ash, I could’ve made myself some toast or just cera-“He didn’t let me finish.

“I know, but I thought that I could make this for you. You’ve made me breakfast before” he smiled.

“Well thank you Ashton”

I put on a pancake on my plate and some syrup. When I was done with my first, Ashton started at his third.

“You’re eating so fast” I laughed. “No, you’re eating so slowly” he said with a mouthful of pancakes. “Ugh, Ashtooon. Close your mouth” Ashton just laughed at me and opened his mouth wider. “Ashtooon, stop” I whined and he did.


Jenny’s P.O.V

It was now 2 pm when I got a text;

‘I’m picking you up at 3pm :) - Aurora’

‘Okay, I’ll be ready :) – Jenny’

I got up from the couch and headed up the stairs to the bathroom. I stripped of my clothes and hopped in the shower. I washed my hair and body before I stepped out of the shower, wrapping towel around my head and body. I looked at myself in the mirror before I put on some mascara. I threw on some jeans and a dark blue sweater. We were just heading to the mall so I didn’t have to look that good. I slipped on my blue Toms and grabbed my phone and wallet. I looked out the window and saw Aurora waiting in the car.


Aurora’s P.O.V

I turned the radio down a bit as Jenny came into the car. “Heey” I smiled and moved my jacket from her seat and threw it behind me. She smiled “Heyhey” I started the car and we headed for the mall. Me and Jenny sang along with the radio and laughed at each other. I stopped the car in the parking lot.


-------- ---------


“So we’re going bowling today right?” Jenny asked as she held a dress up in front of her, she was standing in front of the mirror and looking at it.

“Yea, I think that’ll be more fun.” I said. “I’ve already booked alley for me, you and Michael.”

She nodded. “So you’ve paid?” She asked, now looking at me and hanging the dress back. I nodded. “I’ll pay you back then.” She smiled. She opened her wallet but I stopped her.

“You don’t have to”

“Of course I have too.” She laughed and handed me some money. I shook my hand and grabbed them.

We brought some clothes and walked out of the store. “Want to grab some Starbuck?” I asked. “Yes, let’s go” she dragged me over to Starbuck’s and we brought each our drink.

We sat down on a table and just talked.

“So how are you feeling about that Calum thing?” she asked me.

I shrugged “It’s ok I think. We’re friends, I can move on” I smiled.

I haven’t thought about him that much either actually. I think that I don’t have feeling for him anymore. My phone vibrated and I picked it up from my back pocket. My eyes widened at my twitter notification, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. I swiped my finger across the screen, tapped my code and unlocked my phone. I went on twitter and read the comment. What The Fuck? Is this true?

“@NiallOfficial: @Aurora_Irwin @Jenny_Hemmings I’m glad u liked it babes, but I hate to see ya cry, don’t do that.”

He had commented my tweet, the picture of Jenny crying.

“Aurora, are you even listing to what I’m saying?” Jenny waved her hand in front of me, she seemed annoyed.

“Oh uhm sorry, but have you checked your phone?” I asked her.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “No, why?” she asked, reaching for her phone in her back pocket. As fast as she looked at her phone, she started to cry.

“H-h-he finally noticed.” She said though her tears. I smiled and nodded.

“@Aurora_Irwin: The show was amazing @NiallOfficial , tell the other boys too xx”

I tweeted him back. I didn’t expect a tweet back but I told him at least. I was so happy; I could latterly run around the whole mall, screaming as loud as I can. I looked up at Jenny and saw her tweeting something; she was trying to hold back her tears. I snapped another photo off her and posted it on twitter;

“@Aurora_Irwin: You’ve to stop making her cry @NiallOfficial , haha”

On the picture you could see her tweeting Niall back and tears down her cheek.

Jenny looked up at me again and smiled. I wanted to see what she tweeted;

“@Jenny_Hemmings: “NiallOfficial it’s happy tears, don’t worry. You’ll never make me cry because I’m hurt”

I smiled and retweeted it. I got another notification and looked at it:

“@NiallOfficial: @Aurora_Irwin Oh no, I’m sorry. I’m sorry @Jenny_Hemmings”

I smiled and laughed a little.

It’s weird how much a celebrity that you never have met before can make you so happy.


-------- ---------


Me and Jenny headed back home after we'd got a lot of things and it was now 7pm.

This was what Jenny brought.


This was what Aurora brought


We drove home and started to get ready to go bowling.


---------- ----------


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